Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas Cupcakes


Two rival sisters, Gina and Kim, enter a baking contest in an effort to save the family bakery. Suddenly thrown into a world of strange and competitive bakers, it may take a Christmas miracle for the girls to channel their culinary passion and work together to win.

Dove Review

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Beautiful Italian music sets the mood, and the changing music cues perfectly enhance each of the scenes. Not always in every movie do you find the “perfect” music that carries the action so well. Each cast member suits the part, the script is tight, and the acting is believable. Uncle Mario has a charming Italian accent that adds another level of appeal, and the entire cast, except for spiteful baker competitor Andrew, is adorable and likeable. You want the best to happen for them.

Uncle Mario just lost his brother, Luciano, his partner in “Remo’s Bakery”…his two nieces, Gina and Kim are visiting and discussing the reopening of the bakery. A senior little Italian lady (affectionately known as the Bread Lady) is pounding on the locked door…Mario lets her in and she begs for a loaf of egg bread…Mario gives her the last loaf…she is happy and says she will tell everyone the bakery is reopening. The egg bread was her husband’s favorite and now that he is gone, it helps keep him alive in her heart.

Grandmother’s secret family egg bread recipe, the only thing she saved when she had to flee her home country, and it was Luciano’s specialty. Who could possibly bake it as well? The decision is made when Gina gets the Bread Lady’s undisputed vote. Uncle Mario will make all other goodies and Kim with handle the register and finances.

A busy successful reopening day… but to their dismay, the girls discover Luciano mortgaged the house, no payments were made for months, and their mom is worried the bakery is at risk and of losing the family home. Gina says maybe Mom is right…maybe this place needs to end. Kim says no, we can do this.

Beautiful Christmas music over video… Kim’s teen daughter, Lee, is bored….she sets up a webpage for Remo’s Bakery and suggests entering the Dessert Grand Prix Baking Competition… the prize is $100K! When Kim and Lee enter the competition without consulting Gina, she is furious, but concedes when she finds out there is $248,000 owing to the bank and foreclosure is imminent!

The competition is on! Cameras are rolling, they are live to air on TV! The theme….CUPCAKES! The judges look mean and unforgiving! The music is a tense loud tempo…the adrenalin is running high! Final Day 3… the judges LOVE Gina’s egg bread cupcakes….Andrew’s “crupcake” is stunningly perfect! The final decision is not a surprise….but the day’s outcome is absolutely life-changing!

This is an entertaining family movie full of fun stuff, a tablespoon of nostalgia, a cup of romance, with an unexpected ending that comes with a bigger prize than anyone could ever imagine!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: Uncle Mario is kind and generous, and sets a good example for his nieces.
Sex: Gentle kissing; happy hugging
Language: None
Violence: Woman throws flour into her sister’s face during an argument but no permanent damage done.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Insulting remarks from arrogant baking competitor.


Company: Avatar Media
Director: Dylan Pearce
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 88 min.
Reviewer: Carole H.