Esther’s Brave Dance

Esther’s Brave Dance


God’s Word inspires, trains and teaches a girl to become the woman God created her to be. The compelling stories of the women in the Bible reveal the godly character young ladies need to develop as they shine in this world for Jesus. This story is based on the character of Esther from the Bible. Esther is a beautiful inspiration to be brave. Her strength was found in God. In a world filled with insecurity and fear, Esther’s story will remind young ladies that their strength and beauty is found in God’s promises. Join Esther, our shining star, as she bravely shows kindness and saves the show.

Dove Review

Esther the ballerina is full of courage, but it’s in her powerful prayer life that she finds bravery. Esther’s mother has taught her how important it is to pray each day that God clothe her with His armor that grants her faith, peace, hope, and courage.

This courage is what helps Esther lead her fellow dancers outside after the fire alarm goes off. It’s also what helps Esther be kind to Shelby, the star dancer in this year’s spring concert, who isn’t nice to others. Kindness isn’t always easy, but Esther recognizes how important it is to talk with other Christians about hard things.

Esther’s mom takes her to their favorite picnic spot at Amelie Gardens, where she tells Esther, “Esther, God has called you for a time like this. He is teaching you something.” Mirroring Esther 4:14 that says, “Perhaps you were born for such a time as this,” Esther’s mom gives her the courage to speak truth and kindness to Shelby, all while leading the spring concert in an exciting, unexpected way.

Esther’s Brave Dance is a beautiful illustration, both as a work of art and a work of heart, that displays the power of a constant prayer life and the contentment that comes from doing what’s hard. Themes of prayer, persistence, and healthy relationships award this book Dove-approval for All Ages.

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The Dove Take:

Esther’s Brave Dance is a beautifully illustrated children’s story that showcases the power of prayer and the heartfelt reward that comes when we are courageous for Jesus.

Content Description

Faith: The story highlights the truth that because of Jesus, we can always be brave.
Violence: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: One ballerina is a bully to the others.


Company: iDisciple Publishing
Genre: Children
Reviewer: Peyton G.