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Christ in You: The Voice

Christ In You: The Voice features a captivating exploration of the power of prophecy. It shows ordinary Christians, who set an example by partnering with the Holy Spirit and releasing God's perspective wherever they go. Amazing interviews with some of the most outstanding Christian leaders of today. Embark on a journey of incredible adventure with a loving Father that will change your life forever!
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What do you think of when you hear the word “prophecy”?

Maybe you think of Old Testament Prophets? Maybe images of fire and brimstone preachers with apocalyptic visions?

Or maybe you think of something more modern, something present and possible in current times?

Christ in You: The Voice is a documentary focused on the latter. It’s a bold film about a significant topic. Much of the film takes place on the streets, with conversation and prophetic intention at the forefront. Talking with strangers, and asking them questions, turns to pronouncements of prophecy, and prayer. Healings are promoted and presented. People are invited to feel the presence of God. And off the streets, through interviews, people share their stories and how their lives have been changed. Concepts of prophecy are discussed and celebrated.

Some viewers may be inspired, while others may be skeptical, or disagree theologically. While there’s discussion of “false prophets,” the film leaves out factors that could have contributed to the conversation.

For example, Christianity is not the only belief system that believes in prophecy. Is there any difference between the prophecy presented in the film, and prophecy in other belief systems? Another example is the way questions are asked, which could be interpreted as an aspect of cold reading; a tactic utilized by “psychics” to gather knowledge about someone. Is there a way, or a need, to verify if cold reading is not being utilized in the film?

By not differentiating these factors (other belief systems, cold reading), from what the film claims, we may be left skeptical of the biblical authenticity of the presented prophecy.

There is some content to be aware of, including potentially disturbing discussion of abuse, trauma, medical issues, and dark spirituality. There is also some language, including someone saying “Bullsh*t,” and a woman recalling a time when she said “Eff God.”

Christ in You: The Voice is Dove-approved for Ages 12+.

The Dove Take:

Documentary about prophecy may prompt interesting discussion and theological questions, but has some content for more mature viewers.

Dove Rating Details


Discussion regarding Scripture; spiritual questions; people praying, and talking about God.


Some gunfire; discussion of a suicide attempt; talk of domestic violence and abuse; discussion of “girls who are in prostitution.”


Talk about “girls who are in prostitution”; mention of “abuse of sex.”


BS-1; a woman, when talking about a previous time in her life, said “Eff God”, “sucks”-2; “frickin.”


Some gunfire; discussion of a suicide attempt; talk of domestic violence and abuse; discussion of “girls who are in prostitution.”




People wear some revealing swimsuits.


A suicide attempt is talked about, as well as despair; trauma; “emotional abuse” and “spiritual abuse”; Distressing medical content; mention of “black magic,” “witchcraft, occultism” and talk of “curses.”

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