Movie Money Confidential

Movie Money Confidential


This feature-length documentary was inspired by the best-selling book Filmmakers & Financing by Louise Levison, who formerly taught film financing at UCLA in Los Angeles and is the author of several business plans for successful independent films. Writer-director Rick Pamplin, a Levison client, approached her about adapting her book into a film and telling on camera the story of how she created the business plan for The Blair Witch Project (the most profitable independent film ever made), and others such as Salma Hayek’s The Prophet (based upon the popular children’s book by Kahlil Gibran). Viewers of all ages will learn the secrets of Hollywood and independent film financing from industry insiders — actors, producers, screenwriters, directors, potential and actual film investors, professional fundraisers — and the untold story of funding The Blair Witch Project. Filmmakers conducted more than 60 on-camera interviews and shot almost 100 hours of footage to reveal inside information, offering insight into funding films, how it’s done, what works, what doesn’t, how to find and attract investors. An original, provocative, entertaining exposé of long-held trade secrets, previously unavailable, with real-life war stories from those on the front lines of film financing.

Movie Money Confidential pulls back the curtain to look into Hollywood and independent filmmakers (from all over) and how their films actually get financing. It is essential viewing for film students, aspiring filmmakers, investors and movie fans everywhere. The film has the distinction of being one of the last onscreen appearances of box office legend Burt Reynolds, filmed in front of all of his Master Class students, six months prior to his untimely passing.

Dove Review

With great advice from start to finish, Movie Money Confidential gives important details on how to create a film with little to no budget. This documentary is full of great information, including tips for people to start making their own films. It includes one-on-one interviews and panels with questions asked by real actors and aspiring producers.

Movie Money Confidential is a fantastic documentary with great visuals and audio. The information is thorough about how a filmmaker should deal with investors — telling them facts instead of what they want to hear, asking for their advice and how to avoid promising what you might not be able to deliver. The Q&A sessions, with real students, actors, and producers, demonstrate show how a new filmmaker/producer can tackle obstacles early on.

Movie Money Confidential contains information that can be valuable in every aspect of life for any person—not just aspiring filmmakers and producers. Its well thought-out scenes and interviews provide priceless information and answers to questions that people may not have thought to ask. It is great for anyone to watch and learn from.

The Dove Take:

Movie Money Confidential is an informative documentary that outlines the best ways to go about obtaining money for the creation of a new film.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: None
Sex: While no actual sexual encounters occur, there are references to “bare boobs,” “rape scenes,” and the title of one film is Striptease, featuring a glimpse of a woman’s bare leg on the cover.
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Minor references to practices that seem a little bit deceptive.


Company: Nemours Marketing, Inc.
Writer: Rick Pamplin
Director: Rick Pamplin, DGA
Producer: Scott duPont, p.g.a & Maggie Pamplin, p.g.a.
Genre: Inspirational
Runtime: 101 min.
Reviewer: Nicole G.