Christmas 9 to 5

Christmas 9 to 5


A crime beat reporter gets the assignment of her life: to find the true meaning of Christmas. Undercover in a department store as a 9 to 5 salesclerk, she finds her true calling and meets the man of her dreams.

Dove Review

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Jennifer is not performing well at her newspaper job, and Fenton, her boss, is not willing to give her another chance. After three strikes, you’re out. However, she is persuasive and he falls for it. She has a great idea to write about the true meaning of Christmas at Desmond’s, the last local family-owned department store. This is her last chance to prove she can be a great writer. She goes undercover as a sales associate. Her boss says she won’t last, but she’s determined.

Mr. Desmond, the owner, is impressed with Jennifer’s problem-solving and gives her a 100% rating. His son, Jack, runs the store and loves it, even though it’s failing miserably. The store has lost its old-fashioned appeal after Mr. Desmond hired a fancy interior design person. Old happy memories were forgotten, the Tea Room closed, all the traditional Christmas decorations were discarded, and the store abandoned its Christmas charm.

Jennifer is plagued by the no-win situation she is in as she writes her unflattering columns about the failing store to keep her boss happy. All the while, she’s lying to Jack, whom she is falling in love with, about her identity. As she gets to know the staff and customers, she suddenly realizes what’s missing! When Mr. Desmond gets a lucrative offer to sell the building, Jennifer must jump into high gear to put her plan into instant play and take a chance it will save the store, many jobs, and revitalize a beloved tradition that was almost lost. And equally important…prevent Jack from taking that job offer at Macy’s in New York!

Murray, the sweet and kind store elevator operator played by veteran actor, George Wendt, will delight everyone and clearly define the true meaning of Christmas!

This faith-based, jolly-filled film wins Dove-approval for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

A wholesome fun-to-watch Christmas movie that will leave you smiling and content — just add eggnog and sugar cookies!

Content Description

Faith: Jennifer is referred to as a “Christmas angel in disguise”; Christian Christmas theme.
Violence: None
Sex: Gentle kissing.
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: Main cast in a noisy bar with drinks; spiked coffee drink as a treat after a hard day – no misuse of alcohol or bad behavior.
Nudity: None
Other: Jennifer is lying about who she is but confesses with amazing results; Jennifer wears snug sweaters, short skirts and high heels, just as her regular wardrobe but does not flaunt it.


Company: Eggplant Picture & Sound / MarVista Entertainment
Director: Jill Carter
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 87 min.
Reviewer: Carole H.