Christmas Crush

Christmas Crush


When holiday fanatic Addie makes a Christmas wish for her next door neighbor Sam (Robin Dunne) to fall in love with her, she’s not expecting anything to happen – and she definitely isn’t expecting the wish to go awry and cause her other neighbor, Pete (Chris Violette) to fall in love instead!

Dove Review

Cindy Sampson, who plays Addie, carries the role well despite the fact that the storyline is a little over the top and the role calls for some shallow behavior, but all you are wishing for is that Addie and Sam figure out a way to finally be rid of Pete!

Addie bumps into her new next-door neighbor, Sam, literally, with a basket of muffins. She thinks he’s sweet and wants him to fall in love with her. She talks to Mrs. Motley, her elderly wise neighbor and confidante, who tells her to make a Christmas wish … just as she wishes that her next door neighbor would fall in love with her, a shooting star flies through the sky and is visible through her window. They are both excited! Her wish will come true …

When Addie discovers that Pete, a high school acquaintance, and not at all her type, is the neighbor who falls in love with her, she realizes there is only one way out of this … Pete has to fall in love with someone else! Addie is frantic and enlists the help of Sam and Pete’s ex-fiancé to try to make the wish “unhappen”!

A series of events brings the movie to a happy conclusion for everyone and ends with a gentle kiss.

The Dove Take:

This is a fun, fast-paced story of love taking a sideways unexpected tilt making you want to jump in and fix it, but you can’t, so sit back with your favorite flavored popcorn and enjoy the show that ends with a sweet gentle kiss! And please… be careful what you wish for! Dove approved for all ages.

Content Description

Faith: no direct mention, but theme is Christmas, a religious occasion; reference to a miracle time of year.
Violence: None
Sex: Women wear low cut and spaghetti-strap evening dresses, some with slits (tasteful) at a charity event.
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: Wine in glasses on the table, and at a charity event, no alcohol abuse.
Nudity: Main cast wears skimpy night clothes, momentary shot on screen; not for suggestive reasons.
Other: Sam mentions that gingerbread men are “naked except for their buttons” but not in a sexually explicit way; mention of school friends in jail, but doesn’t dwell on this; theme would likely not be of interest to young children.


Company: MarVista Entertainment / Neshama Entertainment
Writer: John Burd
Director: Marita Grabiak
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 87 min.
Reviewer: Carole H.