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A Royal Christmas Engagement

While disguised as a commoner, a Prince falls in love with an advertising executive during the Christmas season.

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Dove Review

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Advertising executive Lauren, is summoned by Mr. Holiday, her boss, who is all excited about the opportunity that L’Amour Chocolat, a most prestigious European company bringing its business to the US, will provide for the firm. He wants her to do the launch pitch … think outside the box … and he’s bringing in an international consultant, Paul Morton. Lauren is immediately resentful — she does NOT need a consultant!

Cut to a bored Prince Edward at the palace, who is tired of having everyone do everything for him and not ever doing anything meaningful. Paul’s wife is about to deliver a baby any moment and he is reluctant to go to America. So, why can’t Edward go? Queen Mom is not happy but Edward’s mind is made up. Lauren is catty and stand-offish when she meets “Paul Morton,” who is actually Prince Edward, but he is so very charming!

When Lauren has a major creative block and the presentation is looming, she has no choice but to ask “Paul” for help. As they work together, it is obvious they are falling in love. But when “Paul’s” photo hits the newspapers and his identity is revealed, Lauren is furious and Prince Edward is devastated by her rejection.

As Lauren struggles with her feelings for the Prince and her loss of trust in him, can she really find it in her heart to forgive Edward and take a chance on this unexpected love? And will Prince Edward go against the Queen’s demands and her rejection of this “commoner” and find a place in Lauren’s world?

The Dove Take:

Who doesn’t love a Christmas movie with a charming Prince thrown in for good measure? An entertaining, well-done fairy tale family movie and Dove approved for 12+ audiences due to identity deceit, displays and consumption of alcohol.

Dove Rating Details


Christian Christmas theme; Christmas carols play as background music throughout; spirit of Christmas carries through the film.




Gentle kissing; exuberant hugging in celebration between man and woman; welcoming gentle hugs; kissing of woman’s hand in European style.


None, other than Prince unhappily says “bloody crown."




The whiskey is the royal family’s own brand and is consumed responsibly on several occasions and presented as a gift; wine consumption at dinner and with friends; bar scene where the Prince and Laurin have Irish coffees; champagne served at a charity event; no abuse of alcohol and no overconsumption or inappropriate behavior.


Woman in evening dress shows slight cleavage but not for exploitive purposes.


Prince and friend Paul reminisce about not getting caught sneaking into the girls’ dorm at boarding school (fleeting scene); the Prince lies about his identity; Queen Mom is a little snooty about Prince Edward in the company of a “commoner.”

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