God, You Make Me Feel Safe

God, You Make Me Feel Safe


With colorful pictures and fun prose, God, You Make Me Feel Safe is a wonderful way to connect a child to the greatest source of love beyond yours: their Heavenly Father.

Dove Review

A lot of things can be scary to little children — big things, loud things, spooky images. This calming bedtime book, God, You Make Me Feel Safe, written by Katie Kenny Phillips, is one that will sooth little ones’ fears, seeing that God is bigger than all the scary things. Just as importantly, He promises He is always by our side. What’s really great is that we can talk to Him anytime. He hears us right away! And He guards and watches over us, protecting us from the scary things.

This easy-to-read children’s book packs some big ideas into a few colorful pages, beginning with the message that God hears us. We can knock on His door anytime, reinforcing the fact we have a personal relationship with God. The author uses the phrases “God, You say …”, and “God, You promise … ” This gives children a real sense of communication with God.

In a cute hedgehog way, the book plants a seed for understanding the attribute of His omnipresence. Not only does God hear us, He’s always there with us, enabling us to be strong. His omnipotence is present throughout.,

Illustrator Mieke van der Merwe uses colors, which are fun, yet peaceful enough for bedtime reading. Her depiction of round, happy hedgehogs will please little children. The book paraphrases six Bible verses, one New Testament, and five Old Testament, to create the important message that children can trust God to make them safe. Feeling safe is feeling protected, and God’s protection is continual — even as we sleep!

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The Dove Take:

Using Bible verses, this well-illustrated bedtime book will reinforce little children’s knowledge of God’s protection, guardianship, and strength, which encourages a personal relationship with an all-knowing God.

Content Description

Faith: The book is centered around trusting God for protection, but no mention of the Gospel or Christ.
Violence: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Many discussion points for little ones.


Company: iDisciple Publishing
Genre: Children
Reviewer: Stephanie W.