Never Again?

Theatrical Release: October 13, 2020
Never Again?


Never Again? is a feature-length documentary about the horrors of anti-Semitism and the power of survival and redemption. Viewers will journey with a Holocaust survivor (Irving Roth) and a formerly radicalized anti-Semite (Kasim Hafeez) into the depths of darkness shining a bright light on the world’s greatest genocide and the bigotry alive still today.

Dove Review

For many of us, we believe that anti-Semitism, a racist, irrational hatred for Jews, was buried in Germany after World War II. Hitler was vile, evil; concentration camps make our stomachs churn. We get that, but does that mean that anti-Semitism is dead? After all, there’s a reason that Kasim Hafeez, a former radical Islamic anti-Semitist but now converted Christian, even in 2020, must proclaim, “Never again.” There’s a reason that he now has an Auschwitz identification number tattooed on his arm and is willing to show up on a national government level to fight against this hatred for Jews that hasn’t disappeared…

Today, Kasim stands alongside Holocaust survivor Irving Roth, and through Christians United for Israel, they speak out against anti-Semitism and will forever proclaim a Jew’s God-given right to life and love. Never Again? is a tear-jerking, compelling documentary that delves into the details of Irving’s time at Auschwitz, Kasim’s conversion, the God-ordained way that their paths crossed, and how they are still fighting against anti-Semitism hatred in today’s 2020 society.

Grace, conviction, and bravery are the raw, real themes of Never Again?. Kasim and Irving not only share their stories, but they call each of us to make the daily decision to pray, seek justice, and refuse ignorance: “What terrifies me is the level of apathy among ordinary people. Good people who care about their communities and causes that don’t directly relate to them but want the world to become a better place,” Kasim explains in the film.

At first, I wondered why there was a question mark at the end of the film title, but after witnessing Kasim and Irving’s testimonies, I understand that the hope of a future without anti-Semitism is in our hands. We must make the choice–now–to rebuke, refuse, refute hatred, even in its sneakiest forms. Jesus commands us to love, and perhaps He’s so adamant about love because He’s just as adamant for our freedom. Will we stand up against anti-Semitism? Against hatred of any kind? Will we love others as Christ loves us? The choice is ours to say, “Never again.”

Parents, the stories and black and white images surrounding the Holocaust, as well as the flashback footage of anti-Semitism terrorists, are heavy and grim, but since there’s no detailed gore and violence, they make for healthy conversations for children 12 years and older. Because of the Christ-centered discussions that this film not only encourages but promotes, Never Again? is Dove-approved for Ages 12+.

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The Dove Take:

Kasim Hafeez, a former Islamic terrorist but now converted Christian, partners with Holocaust survivor Irving Roth to showcase in their documentary that love will forever conquer hate.

Content Description

Faith: Kasim converts to Christianity and fights for the Jews' Jesus-given right to life.
Violence: Black and white video of German soldiers roughhousing Jews
Sex: None
Language: Racial slurs against Jews referenced
Violence: Black and white video of German soldiers roughhousing Jews
Drugs: None
Nudity: Holocaust Jewish men seen shirtless
Other: Propaganda with racial slurs and imagery shown. Holocaust discussion of gas chambers and ovens. Heavy themes of genocide, hatred, and anti-semitism.


Company: Christians United for Israel
Director: Calvin Aurand
Genre: Documentary
Starring: Kaşım Hafeez, Irving Roth
Reviewer: Peyton G.