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A Bennett Song Holiday

The Bennett-Song family returns for the holidays with some big news—Mrs. Song is expecting a baby to add to their diverse roster of 14 adopted children! The family will need to team up to take on a powerful real estate developer who wants to close down their uncle’s community center for disabled and at-risk kids. A little love, teamwork, and holiday magic is sure to save the day!

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Dove Review

This Christmas movie does a terrific job in telling a story that almost every viewer can relate to. Included in its multiple plots are bombastic moments between family members and friends, romance, a challenge to keep an important school open, and a villain that gets his comeuppance.

Pearl, a young woman with a nice singing voice, meets a recording star, Logan, and the sparks soon fly between the two. But Pearl wonders-does Logan really like her, or is he just being nice? The downside for Pearl is that a young man named Robert is dating her best friend Stephanie, and Robert doesn’t like Pearl. Robert seems bent on breaking up Pearl and Stephanie’s common love of music.

Another sub-plot features married couple Cole and Susan and their large family which spotlights adopted kids of various ethnic backgrounds. They are devoted to one another, but Susan, pregnant and not far from delivery, begins to suspect that Cole is having an affair. Is he? Or is it a misunderstanding?

Susan is a dentist and in a dramatic scene the baby decides to come while she is working on a patient! In a funny moment, Susan mentions a dental tool, an “elevator,” and her dental assistant wonders where it is located so she can take it down!

Corbin Bernsen plays a business shark, named Aiden, who has a kind brother named Paul and they frequently bump heads. Aiden wants to put a school out of business, St. Matthews, which features talented musical students and deaf students who have learned to communicate with others. Aiden pushes for the rent money to be paid or “out” they go. On top of this, Aiden is having an affair with his brother Paul’s fiancée. But the students at the school, who like Paul, find a way to get him to stand up to his cold-hearted brother.

The subplots are set up in a way so as to pique the viewer’s curiosity. Will Pearl get her first CD made with Logan’s help? And will they be a twosome or go their own separate ways? Will Paul, the kind brother, prevail over nasty Aiden? And what about Cole and Susan? Do they have a boy or a girl and will they stay together? Will St. Matthews remain opened?

Featuring solid acting, snappy dialog, and interesting plots, the movie does a good job drawing the audience in while weaving an interesting storyline. For those who have been adopted, are hearing-impaired, have had family conflicts, or have tried to keep a good project from being closed down, this movie is even more relevant, but it definitely has something for everyone.

We award our Dove-approved seal for Ages 12+ to the film, noting that it contains some sexual material, moderate language, and plot lines which are not suitable for younger children.

The Dove Take:

This movie showcases the importance of perseverance in life and has a takeaway moment for every viewer, but some sexual material and moderate language aren’t appropriate for a young audience.

Dove Rating Details


A woman says, “Praise Jesus” in one scene; a religious school is part of the plot.




Kissing by a few couples; a girl kisses a boy on the cheek.


Several uses of “O/G” or “OMG”; other words like “Sucks” and comments like, “You’re crazy” or “You’re pathetic”; Crap; Frickin and Freaking; Pi**ed off; A**




A sign with a man smoking a cigar; the drinking and mention of wine.


Strong cleavage in a few scenes.


A racist comment by a bad-guy character who calls an Asian girl “Lucy Liu”; disagreements and tension between characters.

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