Save the Wedding

Save the Wedding


Meg Mooreland (Kasey Landoll) is ecstatic to be her best friend Ellie’s maid-of-honor, and even more excited that she gets to plan the wedding. However, Meg is less than thrilled when she discovers that the Best Man is Tyler (Travis Burns), a guy she’s constantly bumped heads with throughout the years, but they must both put aside their differences when Ellie suddenly calls off the wedding!

Dove Review

**This review is contributed by Super Channel—a channel dedicated to providing integrity and accountability in today’s entertainment.

Meg is excited to plan her best friend’s wedding and to be her maid-of-honor, too, but discovering that Tyler, whom she has known for years and never got along with, is the best man, is not thrilling. But when just days before the wedding Ellie gets cold feet and calls it off, Meg and Tyler must work together to remind her as to why she fell in love with Sam in the first place. Meg and Tyler dive into recreating Ellie and Sam’s milestone dates… the dinners, the special occasions, the proposal, all with a lot of effort, but with a teamwork that allows them to see each other in a different light.

As Sam (Reece Frith) and Ellie (Chloe Wick) relive those romantic moments, they do come to realize why they fell in love and the wedding is back on! Meg and Tyler sheepishly admit to each other that they make a good team and have enjoyed each other’s company while saving the day for good friends. Is it possible that what started out as a “task” for Meg and Tyler is leading them towards realizing they might have the makings of a little romance on their own?

This is a good story about relationships, and how opinions and impressions can change when there is a concerted effort to work towards a common goal, and in this case, is focused on friends who need help. Meg and Tyler clearly set their differences apart as they work together, and surprisingly discover they really are a good team. When teamwork develops into a love that neither one saw coming, the story ends happily for everyone.

Shift your priorities for the people you love. Focusing on your own selfish needs doesn’t bring good feelings or necessarily good results, but opening your heart to doing good for others comes with a multitude of rewards, and it can’t get any sweeter than finding love unexpectedly! This film is Dove-approved for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

This clean romance reminds us that selflessness is what weddings, and better yet, lasting marriages, are made of.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: None
Sex: gentle kissing and hugging
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: wine consumption to celebrate, no abuse of alcohol; toast with champagne
Nudity: women wear short dresses but not provocatively
Other: heated arguing and disagreements between Meg and Tyle


Company: The Ninth House
Director: Jake Helgren
Genre: Romance
Reviewer: Carole H.