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Lost Heart

Hannah Sweet (Melissa Anschutz) is in a destructive spiral that threatens her career as a country music star. She hasn’t been home to the sleepy lakeside town of Lost Heart since she ran away as a teenager. But when her estranged father, Harris, dies amidst claims of UFO encounters, Hannah begrudgingly returns for the funeral. She meets Milo (Don Most), a forward-thinking, conspiracy-loving pastor who tries to lead Hannah toward reconciliation with her family, especially her reclusive hippy mother Alma (Victoria Jackson).

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When her father passes away somewhat unexpectedly, country singer Hannah Sweet must return home to the small town in Michigan from which she fled many years ago. With a bad attitude and no desire to see anyone she left behind, Hannah struggles to be kind to those around her. Prior to the news, Hannah is bitter and constantly drinking, not unlike her father, previously an alcoholic, who abused her when she was young. Although Hannah doesn’t seem to want it, the kindness and faith of those around her guides her toward serious self-reflection and shocking revelations.

Lost Heart is a fantastically made movie. Aside from a few cheesy lines and unrealistic scenarios/interactions, the script is thoughtful and entertaining. Each actor does a great job fulfilling his or her role—especially Josh “Ponceman” Perry, who plays Chip. The film is uplifting, comical, and most of all, inspirational as it shows viewers just how much God loves us and the lengths to which Christians will go to bring His children home.

Despite its great plot and casting, there are some questionable instances in the film. For example, “UFA’s” (aka “Unidentified Flying Angels”) are a prominent theme in the movie and are shown as bright lights in the sky. There are also mentions of “selling” one’s soul to the devil, however, this is mentioned in a negative light. These plot points make the story a bit more interesting, but also slightly unrealistic from a Christian perspective. Viewers should be aware that these things are added for entertainment and not necessarily out of biblical truth.

After watching Lost Heart, viewers will walk away with a sense of rejuvenation, recognizing that even people furthest from God can still be reached, and forgiveness is not unattainable. The message of the movie is clear and allows the audience to really resonate with the characters as each works toward his or her own personal growth. If you are looking for a great film with strong morals and some comedy tied in, look no further than Lost Heart, which is Dove-approved for ages 12+.

The Dove Take:

Lost Heart is a great reminder that no matter how far we stray from the Lord, He will always welcome us home with loving arms.

Dove Rating Details


Hannah finds her way back to the Lord with the help of her friends and family.


Hannah’s father is seen having a heart attack. Young Hannah is abused by her alcoholic father.




Some references to the Lord’s name in vain, which the preacher gently corrects; mild insults.


Hannah’s father is seen having a heart attack. Young Hannah is abused by her alcoholic father.


Frequent drunkenness.


Hannah wears some scandalous clothing.


References to “selling” one’s soul to the devil. Disrespect toward family members.

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