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The Dating List

Career-driven Abby agrees to help her busy boss Susan, find a man of her dreams, but she encounters a dilemma when she starts falling for the same man her boss approves of dating.

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Abby (Natalie Dreyfuss) is excited to be called for an interview at Bell & Howe, a prestigious publishing house, but when she arrives seconds late, Senior Editor Susan (Carmel Amit) abruptly tells her she obviously doesn’t understand “deadlines” and has no recommendations from a Senior Editor. Therefore, she is not suitable for the position. But, when Abby is unexpectedly called back for a “temp” job of sifting through 3,000 possible romantic candidates for Susan, who has decided she wants to get married, Abby must find the perfect match that fits the checklist, and then Susan, herself, will recommend Abby for the Junior Editor position.

When Abby checks out Dan (Andrew Dunbar), she not only finds a perfect match for Susan, but a perfect manuscript that Susan loves!

But, Abby soon realizes that Dan fits her own “checklist,” and when Susan insists Abby accompany her to meet Dan, the situation turns awkward when Dan and Susan have a wonderful time on the dance floor, while Abby tries to enjoy herself with Dan’s friend, Greg (Nathan Witte). As Abby agonizes over this unfortunate dilemma, she finds little comfort in her promotion to Junior Editor and that Susan has finally found her soulmate.

When Susan invites Greg and Dan to a book launching party, she tells Abby they have been seeing a lot of each other. Abby is heartbroken and decides she must tell Susan she is in love with Dan, knowing she will be fired. But, when Susan reveals the truth about her relationship, and Abby must come to terms with telling Dan he was a part of the dating list and she was not honest with him, things get very complicated!

A jealous co-worker spoils everything when she accuses Abby of lying to Dan for her own personal gain and gets to Dan first. Can Dan ever forgive Abby, even though he also withheld the truth about his own writer’s identity? Only a serious rebuilding of trust can possibly save whatever is left of a mess that so accidentally happened. And when Susan decides she’s had enough of the unethical behavior at Bell & Howe and decides to strike out on her own, what happens to poor, jobless Abby?

Not to give much away, but cut to a month later when someone reappears on Abby’s doorstep because she is the only one he trusts…

Excellent cast and acting, good, witty writing, and totally entertaining from beginning to end!

This entertaining movie is Dove-approved for 12+ due to language that may be inappropriate for younger children.

The Dove Take:

Doing the right thing ethically and morally, as both Susan and Abby chose to do, has always been the proven path to trusting friendship, peace of mind, and lasting love.

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gentle kissing


“idiots, morons, blockheads, nitwits, numbskulls, twits”, all spoken in a one-scene joking critical analysis but only to create a “feel-better” atmosphere at a trying time




champagne consumed at art gallery; drinks consumed at a café and bar; no abuse of alcoho


women wear short dresses and that reveal cleavage but not provocative


woman maliciously locks another in a bathroom stall; head of publishing company is ruthless in judging others

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