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Against the Tide: Finding God in an Age of Science

Created by Pensmore Films, Against the Tide takes viewers on a journey from Oxford to Israel as Lennox and Sorbo unpack theological and scientific proof of God, culminating in the Holy Land to experience the verifiable evidence about the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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This is a must-see documentary! Not only for the faith-based community, but for all who wonder about creation as it pertains to science and to God. In this fascinating and insightful film, actor Kevin Sorbo (God’s Not Dead, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys), speaks with Professor John Lennox, Oxford University professor, scientist, and apologist, who has devoted his life to investigating the intersection of science and Christianity. And, in spite of a tide of disinformation, Lennox sets the record straight.

Lennox hammers home the point that you can’t have something come out of nothing, a belief that many scientists (and atheists) hold. This documentary does a solid job in stating upfront what is on the line: the battle for truth about God in an age of skepticism. As Lennox puts it to Kevin Sorbo and the viewers: “Why is there something and not nothing?”

Quotes from both sides of the fence are given, including this one from Stephen Hawking, the late professor from the University of Cambridge: “The universe can and will create itself from nothing. It is not necessary to invoke God.” Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of DNA, is quoted as saying, “You are…in fact, no more than the behavior of a vast assembly of nerve cells.” How reassuring is that?

But the amiable John Lennox offers this encouraging statement: “The universe is best explained by the existence of a purposeful creator. All competing claims lose explanatory power.”

In fact, there are several debates included, with Lennox opposing Richard Dawkins, who believes, “Religion teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding.” Lennox responds with, “My faith in God and Christ as the Son of God is no delusion. It is rational and evidence-based. We can speak of being convinced beyond reasonable doubt.”

Various other scholars and scientists are quoted, such as Christopher DiCarlo, who says, “Darwin, for the first time in history, gives us a good account of how we all got here. Luckily, we have been selected by nature to survive.”

But, as Lennox voices it, “Which is the delusion? Atheism or Christianity?” Lennox is portrayed as the young David, fighting against the giants of atheism and going “against the tide.” Lennox is up to the task, laying out example after example of credible reasons to believe in creationism and the God of the Bible.

He meets with Kevin Sorbo at a pub called The Eagle and the Child, a place long ago frequented by C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Lennox shares how the author of the The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis, was a learned man and an atheist, who came to believe in God and the Bible. This happened as Lewis examined the evidence for God. Lennox has done the same and presents it very logically and eloquently in this film.

Before a major debate with Richard Dawkins in Birmingham, Alabama, Lennox told Dawkins he wanted to present to the audience a credible alternative to atheism. “I’ll buy that,” replied Dawkins, as they headed to the debate. Their debate wound up going viral. Lennox desired that “the other side” learn about God and Jesus. Lennox states that Dawkins believes that science leads to atheism. “I believe the exact opposite”. He makes a compelling case for God as he gives his logical arguments in favor of a belief in God and the Bible. This includes the orderly fashion of the universe and evidence as given by Jewish historian Josephus and the Bible, which gives us the historical Christ as well as the Christ of the Bible.

Concluding their journey in Israel and finally where they started at the pub, Lennox and Sorbo are a dynamite combo, with Sorbo firing off the questions many people would want to ask Lennox, and Lennox always being there with a logical, scientific, and faith-based answer, all at the same time.

The comments and quotes included in this documentary are too numerous to mention in a review, but the addition of images from Jerusalem and Israel are welcomed features of the film. These images feature moments of majestic churches, the Sea of Galilee, the tomb of Lazarus, the garden tomb of Christ, and beautiful green lands and mountains all featured in various breath-taking shots.

John Lennox is a scholarly and learned man, and a simple man of faith. This impressive documentary easily earns our Dove seal for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

This must-see, compelling documentary shows a man of faith powerfully swimming upstream against the tides of atheism, proving the reality of God and His creation.

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Many examples of a faith in Christ and God as given from the Bible and history; Christians boldly speak up about their faith in God.


Refugees seen fleeing a communist country in archival footage.






Refugees seen fleeing a communist country in archival footage.


A couple of scenes of 2 different men briefly smoking cigarettes.




Various professors believe people are foolish to believe in God and in the Bible; skepticism from atheists as to the valid claims of the Bible.

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