A Flower from Heaven 3

A Flower from Heaven 3


A family of four is torn apart after the death of their firstborn, Audrey Donovan, who passed away from leukemia ten years earlier. The husband Christopher Donovan now blames God for his baby girl’s death and turns to a life of drinking and drugs to escape the pain of losing the child he so adored. The mother, Lisa Donovan, still stands firm in her faith and tries to convince her husband to return home and to give up the drinking and drugs so that the family can be together again. The younger child of the two siblings, Olivia Donovan, hurt by her daddy’s abandonment, prays and asks God to use her in some way that would bring her father back home and back to a life of worshiping God. Christopher will resist all the offers until God himself answers the prayers of the younger child, Olivia Donovan, and brings Christopher to his knees to understand that he needs God in his life.

Dove Review

For anyone who has ever lost a loved one and wondered why, this is the movie for you. Offering hope and a spiritual slant, this movie provides hope to the sad, grieving person missing a departed loved one.

The film opens with a young girl named Naomi, outside at a memorial service for her mother, surrounded by flowers, as she talks about a book she just published. In the scene, Naomi speaks about her mom and dad’s wedding, and how that her mother was not a believer at first. When her dad suddenly died, her mother placed the blame on God, but when she was diagnosed with cancer she “reached out to Jesus.” Naomi says, in a hopeful way, that Jesus saved her mother, despite her previous rejection of Him.

Later her aunt Lisa loses a daughter named Audrey. Red headed like her mother, Audrey was a sweet girl. Later Lisa reflects on being with her when she passed and how Audrey told her she heard angels singing and that they were beautiful. “I have to go now, Mama,” she says. She tells her they will see one another again. Moments later, with Lisa in great grief and crying, she sees Audrey’s spirit for a brief second, looking whole, and saying “Good-bye.”

The symbol of this heart-touching movie is the flower. In a powerful scene, a young girl named Anna gives Lisa a flower, which she says has lived for years. “Flowers don’t last that long,” says Lisa. But Anna tells her about the widow woman having just a small amount of flour and oil, but how she used it for Elijah and God kept the supply going. “There’s something that needs resurrecting in your life,” she tells Lisa. And Anna’s right. Lisa’s husband Chris has been bitter at God ever since Audrey died. He has buried his pain in drugs and drinking. He and Lisa have been on the outs and their other daughter, Olivia, misses her daddy. Anna offers hope, that as God resurrected a flower that looked as if it were dying, he can resurrect the important things in their lives.

The actresses who play Lisa and Naomi carry a story that many people will relate to. Grief is a realistic part of the movie and the film explores the different ways in which various people deal with the grief and their feelings. The movie is ultimately about hope. Although Lisa and Chris argue a lot, it is Lisa’s faith in God that doesn’t waver, that keeps pointing Chris to come to God empty handed in order to allow Him to heal the hurt.

This movie will definitely minister to those who have lost loved ones, and offers the hope in Christ of a future reunion. Lisa boldly stands up to a drug-dealer friend of Chris, and the film will inspire those who live for Christ to be bold in their daily walk. Relying on Philippians 1:6, this film powerfully affirms: “Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

The film has merits our Dove seal for Ages 12+, although parents need to consult our description listings for more moderate content.

The Dove Take:

Watching this film will reward you with the hope of Christ, and of seeing departed loved ones again one day.

Content Description

Faith: A strong message of faith in Christ and the hope of the resurrection.
Integrity: A woman continues to try to turn her husband back to God; the mention of the scriptures and attending church.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: Comments about a man who has turned to drinking and drugs to mask his grief; a man is seen drinking from a flask in his parked car; an inebriated man wants to drive but is talked out of it.
Nudity: Girls in shorts
Other: A couple argues; a comment about getting a divorce; death and grief; a man with a lot of tattoos on his arm.


Company: Randy's Digital Media
Director: Randy Skinner
Producer: Randy Skinner
Genre: Inspirational
Runtime: 125 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Ed C.