My Brother’s Keeper (2020)

Theatrical Release: March 19, 2021
My Brother’s Keeper (2020)


My Brother’s Keeper shares the story of returning war veteran SFC Travis Fox (TC Stallings) who has one more battle to fight – PTSD. Fox and his best friend SFC Ron “Preach” Pearcy (Joey Lawrence) are in their 6th combat deployment when Preach and his entire Ranger platoon are killed in a deadly IED attack. Travis returns to his hometown to settle the affairs of his parents who had passed away years before. In searching for answers about his parents, he also discovers a new obstacle in PTSD. He finds support from church counselor Tiffany Robertson (Keshia Knight-Pulliam) and slowly begins to rediscover his faith in God, until he discovers a secret. Travis uncovers a secret hidden by his best friend Donnie Berry (Robert Ri’chard) that threatens his new-found faith, restores his guilt, and causes him to consider the unthinkable.

Dove Review

After losing his best friend in combat and his parents in a car accident, Travis returns home to rebuild his life. It is made clear that Travis resents God, feeling abandoned and neglected. When the local pastor and Tiffany reach out to Travis to help them build a shelter for homeless veterans, it takes some convincing, and an eye-opening experience, for him to finally agree to a journey that would reveal life-altering secrets and shape him into who he was meant to be.

My Brother’s Keeper is unique when it comes to faith-based films: it includes heavy, real-life examples like suicidal thoughts, PTSD, racism, and the threat of drug involvement. While each of these components is fairly mild in comparison to similar depictions in other films, they exemplify the necessity for Christ in everyday life. They emphasize the fact that everyone is struggling with their own demons that only God can overcome. My Brother’s Keeper is a well-executed balance of harsh realities and the grace and salvation that comes through faith in Christ.

This film is thoughtfully crafted, including a cast that successfully plays each of their roles, scripting a realistic storyline that is interesting and inspirational at the same time. My Brother’s Keeper was assembled by talented videographers and producers, making it a movie that keeps the audience’s attention from start to finish.

When looking for a moving film for older children and adults, look no further than My Brother’s Keeper. The movie may lead to educational conversations—parents should help children understand the trials that Travis faces as well as relief that only God can bring. With Christ in mind every step of the way, My Brother’s Keeper tackles hard questions through the honest depiction of a man who journeys from rejection to acceptance.

My Brother’s Keeper is Dove approved for Ages 12+.

The Dove Take:

My Brother’s Keeper provides a unique and honest perspective on the typical road to faith journey seen in many Christian films.

Content Description

Faith: Throughout the film different role models exhibit Christian values and encourage Travis to find his way back to the Lord. The church is a prominent part of the movie.
Violence: There is evidence of combat and some gunshots. Travis raises his voice at some points.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: There is evidence of combat and some gunshots. Travis raises his voice at some points.
Drugs: Donnie finds himself wrapped up in a drug ring. There are some bar scenes.
Nudity: None
Other: Travis is seen holding a gun as he contemplates suicide. Travis is also disrespected by the police.


Company: Manns Mackie Studios
Writer: Ty Manns
Director: Kevan Otto
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 96 min.
Reviewer: Nicole G.