Healthy Long Life

Network Premier: January 5, 2021


With 2021 already here, HEALTHY LONG LIFE – a new, seven-part docu series – reveals how to start the new year with keys to staying healthy while aging, featuring interviews from around the globe with leading longevity experts, chefs, cancer survivors and healthy centenarians – available now on Amazon Prime and Apple TV Streaming Box.

Dove Review

This no-holds barred series is a straight-shooting look at the dangers of poor nutrition, and the rewards of good nutrition. It starts off with an attention getter: Brad Palmer was playing catch with his son and stating that there was a day when he thought he might not live to share the experience with his boy. He was diagnosed in 2010 with stage three cancer, an aggressive cancer which resulted in Brad losing 40 pounds. He wound up fighting back. After having chemo and radiation treatments, he started a plant-based nutrition program. Backing his new diet, Colin Campbell, PhD is interviewed in the series, discussing the importance of nutrition when it comes to fighting or staving off cancer.

When hearing of a “different approach”, Brad and his wife tried the new, rigorous meal plan. It was important to them for Brad to survive for more than one reason: They had been raising orphaned children and played a vital role in a children’s ministry. “We cried out to Jesus,” said Brad. “And we said, we aren’t going to get through this without You, and He made good on all His promises.” It’s mentioned that Brad’s doctor was praying for him too.

The series navigates several countries, including India, Mexico, China, and Japan, as well as the United Kingdom and Israel, to interview various experts and everyday citizens who through their eating habits and spiritual practices attempt to improve the quality of their lives.

Dr. N.K. Sharma, the founder and chair of the Reiki Healing Foundation, speaks of using whole grain only, no-processed foods. “My grandfather lived to 102! All this refinement of food must be stopped.” A lady in the series says it’s all vegetables for her daily diet.

The series makes use of interviewing several people, and features fast-paced images of the martial arts, baseball, and smiling people. The balance of good nutrition along with exercise is mentioned by various people. One woman mentions that although they lacked salads, they feature “lots of vegetables in our diet.”

A lady in India speaks of using many different spices for specific health issues and that the spices help prevent many illnesses and promote good health. “Different spices can do different things for the body” she suggests. Fenugreek spice is one of the ones mentioned, with the Indian word being “methi”. They use it a lot in their cooking and can be put in food or used in drinks. It’s said it is great in fighting diabetes. Cumin and pepper are also highly valued.

Professor Ramesh Chandra, Head of the Department of the Delhi University says, “Our major emphasis is cancer.” He has done work on tuberculosis and the immune system and says tuberculosis can “be triggered”. He speaks of the stresses of life and of implementing good nutritional habits. Passing down home remedies is another facet of the series, with a brief mention of it. We even see a family that has their own bees to make honey.

Other important foods include garlic, ginger, turmeric and sesame oil. One man speaks of the importance of being connected to others and not living in an isolated fashion. He believes connections are stronger in India than in the west. In addition, many of the people interviewed in the series speaks of keeping a balance and focusing on the mind, body, and spirit. Obesity is one of the subjects and it is stated that one man lost 100 pounds with a diet that included plant-based foods. Another product that is promoted is kerala vegetable stew. Fast food is discussed and the fact that it is so accessible due to the fact “it’s dirt cheap!”

One of the nice statements that comes from Israel is, “He that saves one life saves the world.” It should be noted that Christianity is promoted by a few in the series, but that talk of India mysticism and of shamans, as well as Buddhism is also mentioned by some people. The viewer should be aware of this and it’s available in our content listing.

Due to its importance regarding diet, and keeping a healthy state of mind, the series has earned our Dove seal for Ages 12+.

The Dove Take:

This fascinating series features people and music and experts speaking from all over the world and is an educational series which could prove helpful to those wishing to improve their diets.

Content Description

Faith: Christianity and Jesus are mentioned in a positive way, Buddhism and mysticism are also mentioned.
Integrity: Many doctors and experts want to help people.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: The deeds of the Nazis during World War 2 is mentioned as is the death camps, particularly Auschwitz.
Drugs: An image is briefly seen of a few people toasting with a drink.
Nudity: An image of near naked people (some naked in shadows) is shown of starving people in concentration camps during World War 2; an image of a man and a girl, probably his daughter, in shorts.
Other: Christianity is promoted but Buddhism and mysticism is also mentioned by those who practice it; a shocking image of people who were starved during World War 2, seen with barely enough skin on them to cover their ribs.


Company: Unknown
Genre: Documentary
Reviewer: Ed C.