Mystery of the Kingdom of God

Mystery of the Kingdom of God


Andrew is chosen by God and is called out of his mischievous childhood to partake in the kingdom of God. Andrew must go through trials, tests, and spiritual warfare, before the mystery of the kingdom of God is finally revealed to him.

Dove Review

This animated film, which explodes with color, brings the spiritual warfare of the Bible to life. Angels in white, black demons with fangs, and spiritual beings brandishing swords are seen in this film. It opens with a synopsis of important Bible stories as the serpent in the garden of Eden is seen, Noah, Abraham and we hear Isaiah’s prophecy of the coming messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.

We see an image of the coal being applied to Isaiah’s lips as recorded in the Bible, representing a purging of his lips so that he will speak only what God wants him to say. Also featured are the cherubim and the 24 elders from the book of Revelation.

There are several examples of the spiritual warfare which the movie concentrates on. In one scene a man visits a psychic fortune-teller, and we see an evil monster-like dark creature that attempts to harm him. In one scene his hand is burned as he touches the door. One character, named Andrew, who has struggled with sin and poor choices, confesses to Christ and we see a dark cloud lifting from him. There are several characters which pray in Jesus’ name. This film has a charismatic flavor to it and one character speaks in tongues for several seconds.

Make no mistake about it: This film is intense! We see evil, black creatures, demons, with long fangs that pursue individuals, hoping to claim their souls. In one segment that takes place in Africa a character named Jonathan, a Christians, battles a witch doctor. The witch doctor claims, “This village belongs to me!” Jonathan ensues in spiritual warfare to break the curse of the witch doctor, who claims he can bring disease to the village. And a few Christians are urged strongly to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Three of the main characters are Mae-Lin, Jonathan, and Andrew and in a nice sequence in the final scenes we learn that in heaven they are greatly rewarded. Various scriptures such as Ephesians 6:12 are used concerning wrestling not against flesh and blood (human beings), but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual wickedness in high places.

I wish to note that, while much of the animation is vivid and colorful, I noticed several of the voices sounded similar and the female characters sounded as if they had a male quality to them. Sure enough, during the closing credits, I saw that Adam Smit voiced all of the characters. This is quite an undertaking to be sure, but it would have added a bit more realism to the film had other voice actors been able to contribute their voices to the characters.

The film showcases some nice moments such as Andrew visiting a patient named Jackie, who is suffering from mental illness. And Jonathan takes it on himself to help Andrew to grow as a Christian. A few of the characters visit Africa with the intent of bringing the gospel to them.

Some of the latter scenes focus on the future judgment. We see a lake of fire and those that did not follow Christ are tossed in. We see that the devil will receive his ultimate judgment. We also see a pure and white city, shining brightly, where those who followed Christ will live throughout eternity. We also hear that a preacher, who went astray due to his love of money, does not get to enter.

Once again, this is an intense film with a lot of spiritual warfare going on against evil-looking demons and this includes a couple of frightening scenes. We are awarding it our Dove seal for Ages 12+, while noting that the monstrous-looking demons would be a bit much for kids to watch.

The Dove Take:

This movie is geared for those who wish to watch the spiritual battles and warfare of the Bible brought to life!

Content Description

Faith: Many biblical references and scriptures are quoted as well as prayer in the name of Jesus, and spiritual warfare is demonstrated in various scenes.
Violence: Spiritual warfare with warriors brandishing swords and frightful looking black demons with fangs fighting against the Christian soldiers of light.
Sex: A girl tries to act sexy in order to get a Christian man to “donate” to a cause even though she wants the money for herself.
Language: Butt-load; Geez; Nerds
Violence: Spiritual warfare with warriors brandishing swords and frightful looking black demons with fangs fighting against the Christian soldiers of light.
Drugs: It is said a woman is bound by drugs and a woman admits this, and both drinking and drugs are mentioned as bondages; one woman that is bound looks bad from the drug use; a woman smokes a cigarette.
Nudity: None
Other: Disagreements between a few characters, spiritual battles, in a scene that is not clear, it sounds like a Christian minister mentions Allah, and indeed the minister is later mentioned to be unfaithful; lost souls are tossed into a lake of fire.


Company: Cinedigm
Director: Adam Smit
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 90 min.
Reviewer: Ed C.