Life with Lucky

Theatrical Release: January 29, 2021
Life with Lucky


In the first episode of this Creative Motion Network Original, Nadege meets her new pony, Lucky. Created, directed by, and featuring Nadege, with Wayne Mellinger, Amy Mellinger, and Donie Denko. Shot on location at Top Gun Farm, Olmsted Falls, OH. Photography by Amy Mellinger. Visit:

Dove Review

This short, sweet documentary is one for the entire family! What kid never dreamed of owning a pony? In this case, young Nadege is the lucky girl who gets to own a horse named, appropriately, Lucky.

This engaging documentary takes the viewer through the various processes of getting to own a horse, like Nadege, and then what comes afterwards in caring for the horse.

Nadege is a pleasant personality for this show, displaying gratefulness in owning Lucky and showing the viewer what all is involved in caring for her horse. She tells the viewer in the beginning that Lucky is 12 years old, “and I love him so much.” She even thanks God for her horse.

“He’s the sweetest horse,” she gushes. “He’s adorable, he’s sweet, he’s kind. He’s just the best kind of horse you could have.”

The documentary features the moment when she visits Lucky at the horse farm, only to learn that her parents bought him for her. She smiles when she sees him for the first time and learns his name. She tells the viewers later in the film how her dad came up with the idea to buy Lucky and her mother agreed.

The documentary features cute, playful music which is appropriate as Nadege shares the various things that she does for and with Lucky. She is shown cleaning up his stall, “shoveling up poop,” as she says, which isn’t fun, but she’s very dedicated to her horse and friend. She is seen walking him, and she shares a lesson, which is to walk beside the horse so, if he becomes startled, “he won’t hurt you.” Nadege also learns just how much Lucky likes grass. He stops to eat it a lot. At one point she jokes she is going to take a nap and when she wakes up, “all the grass will be gone.” A lady jokes that Lucky had a salad of grass.

Early in the feature we see her excitedly pick out her boots to wear when working or playing with Lucky, as well as a brush to brush him with. Because they were not sure of Lucky’s birthday, Nadege chooses St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate his birthday. She makes him a green stocking to wear in celebration. “Lucky is an amazing horse” she says with enthusiasm. In another cute scene she tells Lucky to cover his ears so she can tell the viewer what she got him for Christmas!

She is seen with Lucky regularly, even when the weather isn’t great, and she comments that, “It’s cold here in Ohio.” Yet she remains loyal to Lucky, just as he is loyal to her. She even draws a picture of her favorite horse.

Nadege’s father is seen petting Lucky near the conclusion of the film, and when he stops, Lucky nudges him to begin again. This wonderful documentary features several similar moments of good, clean fun.

Lucky is also shown playing with a fellow horse, Cinnamon. Nadege is shown removing Lucky’s halter when she gets him back to his stall. It is obvious how much she enjoys owning Lucky. “Lucky sure loves his carrots and apples,” she says. “I sure love my apples,” she says, obviously not mentioning the carrots!

Life with Lucky is entertaining and easily earns our Dove seal for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

Here is an entertaining film that all members of the family can enjoy, and it makes the point that ownership involves commitment-and fun!

Content Description

Faith: A girl thanks God for her horse and it is hinted at that she has a Christian family.
Integrity: Good examples are shown of doing the right thing and remaining dedicated to one’s commitments.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Creative Motion Network
Director: Nadege
Producer: Kristen Collier
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 16 min.
Industry Rating: G
Reviewer: Ed C.