Lock Down Love

DVD Release: February 5, 2021
Lock Down Love


Lisa, a plus-sized African American woman, concludes that her boyfriend broke up with her because of her weight. Now on quarantine lockdown and alone, she will now use the next 40 days to try to lose the weight, in hopes of winning him back.

Dove Review

After finding an Instagram photo of her boyfriend with another girl, and after receiving a fairly cryptic email from him stating that he’s been unhappy, Lisa begins to mourn her relationship. She confides in her friends and family, struggles with feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness, and must ultimately decide whether she wants to wallow in her sadness or push forward. Throughout Lock Down Love, viewers see the power of self-love and how, even though it isn’t easy, it is worth it.

Set in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lisa’s story shares raw emotions and everyday struggles that have been prominent over the past year. There are references to filing for unemployment, constant online shopping, working out in the house, and so much more. Lock Down Love also emphasizes the reality of coping with loss while in quarantine. Ultimately, the message is that strength comes from within, regardless of circumstances. In fact, the end of the film includes tons of positive affirmations for viewers, which is an uplifting contribution to the success of the film.

Lock Down Love is filmed in a unique way—there are no face-to-face interactions until the very end. In fact, the only actual audible words in the entire movie are from the motivational videos that Lisa watches. Aside from behavioral cues, most of the indications of Lisa’s progress come from her text messages to others.

It seems a bit odd that the entire movie is filmed in Lisa’s apartment, aside from a few flashbacks. However, it is an accurate depiction of quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are a few scenes that are slightly dramatic, some dramatic in a humorous way. For example, when Lisa is on the phone with the unemployment commission, the excessive nature of the call is exaggerated, but accurate in a funny way. It’s a delicate balance.

Lock Down Love is filmed very well, and, for a movie with no human interaction, the producers did a great job communicating an actual story. Lisa grows a lot throughout the film, despite a difficult life event. Viewers can learn from Lisa’s growth and strength and apply it to their own lives. This film is a great rendition of what it means to truly grow from within and is great for those struggling to reach their full potential in quarantine.

Lock Down Love is Dove-approved for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

Lock Down Love sheds light on what it means to work towards personal growth in the midst of a global pandemic.

Content Description

Faith: There are Bible verses on the decorations and references to faith.
Violence: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: Lisa is seen in her underwear and in the bathtub (covered in bubbles).
Other: Some humor surrounding bodily functions, mention of an enema.


Company: Tripe T Films
Director: Emeka Mbadiwe
Producer: Emeka Mbadiwe
Genre: Drama
Reviewer: Nicole G.