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Faith Heist

A dramedy that tells the story of a charismatic preacher who finds his church in financial ruin after being swindled. His one last hope is to pull together members of his congregation for a heist that will con the con man and get their money back to save the church before it’s too late.

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Preacher Benjamin Wright (Jonathan Langdon) is devoted to his congregation and careful with the church coffers. Baxter (Steve Lund) is determined to help with teaching Benjamin all about investing. Vanessa (Sagine Semajuste), the pastor’s wife, does not trust Baxter and is not happy that Benjamin has given Baxter ALL the money, $50,000 to be exact, but Ben defends Baxter and says he knows what he’s doing.

Benjamin leads a Lean On Me group and people share their sad and happy stories. Jordan (Dalmar Abuzeid) is the quiet one who insists he has nothing to share but opens up that he has just passed his 10-year anniversary of parole for robbery. He’s come a long way and has turned his life around, but we sense an “aloneness” in his voice and demeanor.

When Baxter delivers the bombshell that the church’s investments are all gone because the crypto he invested in was over-inflated and overleveraged and the value dropped drastically zeroing out before he could liquidate the investments, Benjamin is shocked! When he and Vanessa confront Baxter who has just purchased a brand new fancy car and spiffy clothes, he tells them that’s how investments work. Reverend Benjamin’s church has just been swindled by a heartless shady crook! The money is gone!

A report to the police brings special FBI agent to their door telling them they are not the first to file a complaint against Baxter, to the tune of $500,000! Benjamin must tell his people… he talks about forgiveness, reminding all the parishioners of their various misdemeanors for which they have been forgiven, as he leads up to his own confession that his investment plan has bottomed out to zero and $50,000 borrowed against the mortgage is gone! Next Sunday’s service will likely the last when the bank forecloses…

At the next Lean On Me meeting, Jordan suggests that because there are no bank records, it’s likely the stolen money is sitting in Baxter’s possession as CASH! Reverend Benjamin vowed to protect the community in all circumstances in whatever way necessary and is determined to get the money back. As Benjamin and Jordan make some serious plans, they involve members of the church who each have special skills and are delighted to be included and tomorrow is Day 1 of the Faith Heist!

Be prepared for many laughs as the motley crew plots revenge and vows to save their beloved church. This movie is good fun viewing and Dove approved for all ages.

The Dove Take:

“God and Gold: The Only Two Things That Don’t Depreciate.” A very entertaining movie where a God-loving community bands together to defend all that is good through belief in themselves and in doing what’s right, albeit in a very round-about way!

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Theme is Christian-based and mention of God spiritually and with love and respect; sermons are passionate and meaningful to the congregation; “God bless you” spoken as congregation leaves the church; “walking with the Lord”; “…will take one of Jesus’s miracles”; framed “Last Supper” on the wall; "The good Lord always finds a way…”; hymn-singing celebrating God and Jesus.


none, just some comical and harrowing escapades.


Hugs out of friendship.


“…so much as scratches his butt funny I’m gonna bust him.” – spoken by FBI agent.


none, just some comical and harrowing escapades.


Wine with dinner.




Man eats too many sweets and tummy rumblings are heard as he sits in the restroom cubicle; dishonest financial advisor loses all of the church money in a scam investment and flaunts it.

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