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Approved for All Ages

La Cadena

Introverted Ricardo Perez likes to approach the world in a very subtle manner, trying not to upset anyone or cause any problems for himself. But to his surprise, he is the prime candidate for accomplishing God's will due to the neglect of others. This presents an internal spiritual conflict within himself. Will he take the challenge by standing up for himself, his family and his faith or will he succumb to the fears of the flesh?

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Positive Rating

Dove Review

Loved it. Even though my Spanish is not very good, I know enough to tell you that La Cadena is muy bueno. And if your Spanish is not muy bueno, there are subtitles to help you.

It’s about a quiet Christian construction worker in Texas named Ricardo, who overcomes doubts and insecurities to allow God to operate openly in his life, despite his being surrounded by mockers and scorners. It brings to mind the 23rd Psalm, where the Lord, My Shepherd, “prepares a table in the presence of my enemies.”

Only in this instance instead of a table, it’s a chain — that’s what cadena means in Spanish. Ricardo, who is so quiet that his co-workers call him “Mudo” — Spanish for “mute” — and a truck full of construction workers are headed to a job three hours away. You can do that and still be in Texas, it’s so big. Two hours into the trip, they discover the chain they need to complete a job was left by a teenage worker named Román, who was distracted by his girlfriend. (Who hasn’t been there?)

No chain means no payday and while everybody is fussing at the teenager, Ricardo comes up with an idea: Let’s pray.

The unbelievers in the group cackle, certain that this will never work. One of them finds a couple of links from a small chain that obviously is nowhere near big enough to get the job done, and ridicules Ricardo. Just when they’re about to give up and turn around, a black truck speeds by and something falls out. To their amazement, it’s just the kind of thick chain they need to proceed. They’re shocked. Even Ricardo.

But while the other unbelievers continue in their scorn, Román senses this is confirmation that God’s calling him to be saved. Going against the grain, and particularly against his unbelieving father, Román gives his life to Christ.

The whole movie is a testament to bold faith and to the prayers of the righteous availing much and merits the Dove-approved Seal for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

Standing for Christ as bold as a lion will pay off.

Dove Rating Details


From start to finish, faith in Christ is an integral part of the movie. Scenes from a Latino church




Ricardo and his wife kiss. A teenager sends kisses to his girlfriend over the phone, under threat of spending the weekend alone if he doesn't.


A construction boss refers to people working for him as "morons."








There's a scene where the workers get out of the truck to urinate on the side of the road.

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