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Little Santa

It’s the night before Christmas and Little Santa has just finished the rounds of the whole wide world where he delivered presents and Christmas cheer! But wait! Just when he’s about to turn around and head back to the North Pole, he realizes he’s all turned around! Which way is the North Pole? Will Santa make it back to the North Pole in time to celebrate Christmas with his elves?

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Little Santa is an enjoyable movie with a twist – Santa, after delivering his Christmas presents across the world, becomes lost! The voice actor for Santa, K.J. Shrock, has a great deep voice and laugh which fits the character perfectly.

Santa’s companion on the journey, Icy, had helped Humpty Dumpty put this space sleigh together so it’s decided they should reach out to Humpty Dumpty for some advice. Santa tells Humpty Dumpty that he loves the new sleigh but there’s a problem, or as Santa puts it, “We have a bit of a kerfuffle! We’re lost.”

“Who needs all the king’s horses and all the king’s men?” asks Humpty. But, he admits, “This is a bit of an oh-oh. What to do? What to do?” He suggests they bring up the galaxy map, and to try to find a galaxy signal close to their location. Humpty admits to being “hard boiled” when under pressure. He wishes them a Merry Christmas and to “take care.” A character named Diego humorously calls Humpty Dumpty “Old Egghead”!

Diego, in Rattletown, can’t help much but he suggests they visit Cupid. He does know that the Wonderverse is the next one over. And Diego sends them off with a “Feliz Navidad!” Santa tells Icy that the Hatter there will try to swipe his hat!

In another comedic scene, a dormouse pretends to be the Ghost of Christmas Past to the Hatter. Santa goes along with the mouse’s plan, and humorously asks the Hatter if he’s been hitting the hard eggnog again! The Hatter directs Santa and Icy to Gepetto, the toymaker, in the next galaxy. Santa tells the dormouse to say “hi” to Mr. Fezziwig for him!

Santa knows that for a toymaker, this night must be busy for Gepetto, and he tells Gepetto that he’s “lost in space.” Gepetto says he doesn’t deliver to the North Pole, but he gives Santa an idea of where to head. Santa and Icy chart a course for Castleland. Santa winds up visiting Napoleon, and, as he says, “Yes, that Napoleon!” Napoleon has been naughty, so he owes Santa a favor. Kelsey Painter gives the viewer a great voice for Napoleon. Napoleon breaks down and cries, saying he’s a supervillain and that nobody gives him presents. Santa informs him that he would have friends if he stopped being a supervillain. Santa admits to Napoleon that he has told him a little white lie, that he doesn’t have “next year” presents for Napoleon as he said, but “this year” presents. Napoleon cries happy tears and informs Santa that Cupid can help him.

Cupid goes “leafless” of course, although we don’t see this. But it sets up a great line for Santa, who says he could try the leafless look (nude) but he wouldn’t want to be without his hat! Cupid tells Santa that they are next to the land of the giants, and the giants could probably spot the North Pole. And, borrowing from Star Trek, Santa tells Icy to set a course for the land of the giants, and “Make it so, Number One!”

We also meet characters Blunderboer and even Abe Lincoln before Santa’s journey ends. And Patrick the leprechaun plays a part in the story too. The Easter Bunny and Goldie the chick have a part to play as well. Finally, without giving the ending away, can Alice from Wonderverse help Santa and Icy make it home?

There are themes of being honest (such as what Abe Lincoln’s character represents), and the importance of helping one another.

Think About It: The power of friendship is clearly stated, and this is a good discussion area for parents to have with kids. We see various examples of characters giving directions that will help Santa and Icy get closer to their destination. Regret for mistakes is also illustrated in the character of Napoleon, which can open a door for an important discussion on regretting making bad choices. And, as was mentioned, the importance of being honest in relationships is clearly seen by the character of Abe Lincoln.

This film, due to its important positive themes and wholesome flavor, has earned our Dove seal for All Ages.

THE DOVE TAKE: This heartwarming movie is creative, educational, and includes wonderful themes which parents can share with their children.

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Various characters, such as Humpty Dumpty, Diego, Gepetto, and even Napoleon, try to help Santa and Icy find their way home. Napoleon shows remorse for his mistakes and even Santa confesses to telling a white lie, but he is kind to Napoleon.




“Holy Shepherd’s pie and God smack me with a clover!”; “Get your chubby tush home, will ya?”








A character admits to having been a supervillain, but he wants to change; Santa admits to having told a white lie, but he confesses and does something nice for a character.

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