Grizzly Falls

Network Premier: May 6, 2001
DVD Release: June 20, 2000
Grizzly Falls


SHOWTIME: Begins airing on Sunday May 6th. Check listings for other dates and times. Set in the wilderness, a recently widowed father and his lonely son grow closer together on an expedition. But once the hunters capture two grizzly cubs, the 1000 lb. mother carries off the human youngster. As the father frantically searches for his son, the boy finds that not only is she not going to harm him, but the bear is actually mothering him, protecting him from the harshness of the wilderness and from other not-so-loving creatures. By film’s end, they become fast friends and both father and son gain a new respect for nature and for each other.

Dove Review

A great outdoor adventure for the entire family, Grizzly Falls is the thrilling story of a boy surviving in the wilderness with a 1000 pound bear! A low-budgeted family adventure filmed in Canada, this is a winner for the whole family. Beautifully photographed, this exciting boy-and-his-bear tale keeps you glued to your seat. Life lessons are learned, but never at the expense of the story. The indomitable courage of the boy should be inspirational to any young person in the audience. The father’s determination to find his son in spite of his personal physical injuries depicts the depth of a father’s love. Grizzly Falls is an exciting movie depicting the power of good ultimately overcoming evil.

Content Description

About five or six expletives, but no harsh or crude language; there are a couple of fight scenes between the hunters; the boy is threatened by wolves and bad guys, but saved by the bear, the bear's size and growl can be frightening to very little ones. Parents should view this film with children under 12.


Company: Providence Entertainment
Director: Stewart Rappill
Producer: Peter R. Simpson and Allan Scott
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 94 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright