Sarah, Plain and Tall: Winters End

Theatrical Release: November 21, 1999
DVD Release: November 21, 1999


The further adventures of Sarah, Plain and Tall take place during the winter of 1918, while influenza was taking the lives of many throughout the Mid-West.
One frosty night, a mysterious stranger takes refuge in Sarah and Jacob Witting’s barn. After being discovered, he informs Jacob (Walken) that he is his father. John Witting (Palance) had abandoned his wife and child when Jacob was just a small boy. This sets the stage for many a life-lesson as the family attempts to know their reclusive relative and Jacob faces his own anger for him.

Dove Review

Close has made this role her own, and Hallmark Hall Of Fame continues to present engrossing, uplifting material. At first, the TV-film seems a bit talky. Then you realize that there is a lot to be said. The people of Kansas have taken many a shot from Hollywood over the years, but here they are portrayed as hard-working, God-reverencing, decent people. At one point in the story, Jacob’s son goes to his father and tells him that all he wants for his birthday is for his father to forgive his grandpa. It’s a very effective scene, and the central theme of the movie. This production will touch many who are struggling to forgive family members for past infractions. Airs on CBS 9:00 PM ET/PT 11/21/99. New on video 11/30/99

Content Description

Jacob breakes his leg when his father pushes him. He takes a drink of whiskey for the pain whil the leg is being set. The daughter worries that her boyfriend will be harmed in the war.


Company: Hallmark Home Entertainment
Director: Glenn Jordan
Producer: Glenn Jordan
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 99 min.
Industry Rating: TV-G
Starring: Glenn Close, Christopher Walken, Jack Palance, Lexi Randall, Christopher Bell.
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright