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McLeod’s Daughters, Season 8

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Dove Review

In this episode, The Pitfalls of Love, Grace, trying to get over Heath, goes out with her friends to the bar and meets a new man, Tim. And have a one-night stand, but Marcus says she can do better. Kate is struggling with Riley’s death. Phil tries to make up for the fact he was not the one who pulled Grace from the car during her accident. Grace and Marcus, while working with the horses, fall into a hole and struggle to get out. While down there, Grace questions whether she is lovable. Marcus gets closer to Grace. He tells her she is a beautiful woman and doesn’t have to settle for anyone. Kate consults the help of a priest to figure out if finding Riley’s knife by his campsite is a sign from God. Father Dan has Mrs. McAvoy, a church member, come by Downer’s Run, and she makes a splash. Tayler tells Patrick she’s a virgin, but then breaks up with him for fear he may dump her. Patrick tells her it doesn’t matter, and they reunite. Kate finds Marcus and Grace, who is suffering from hypothermia. Mrs. McAvoy tells Kate not to run from her memories of Riley. She then shares her story of losing her husband after just being married for two weeks. Kate thanks Father Dan for putting Mrs. McAvoy into her life. Father Dan says, “The Lord works in mysterious ways.” Patrick and Tayler reunite after Patrick tells her it doesn’t matter to him if she is a virgin.

The theme centers around saving yourself for the right person. Although marriage is not discussed, it had many positive elements including one- night stands being empty and waiting until you’re in love to have sex. It also has a humorous spin by adding Mrs. McAvoy, an elderly woman who is not afraid to tell people what she thinks about them.

This episode is more positive spiritual than other episodes in past seasons. Kate talks to a priest and has an experience that draws her closer to God and to moving on from her loss. There is mild alcohol use, sexual content including a one -night stand and discussion of virginity, mild language including calling someone an idiot and mild violence including two people falling into a hole. For these areas, it gets a -2 for sexual content. It earns the Dove award for ages 12 and up.

The Dove Take

God places people in our lives for a purpose.



Dove Rating Details


Priest, looking for a sign from God, says, ”The Lord works in mysterious ways.”


Characters make a point of trying to do the right thing.


Innuendo including, “He can put his collar under my brunch coat any day.” Discussion of virginity, discussion of sexual dreams.


“Idiots,” “dumb ones”




Women go out to a bar to drink.





People fall into a hole disturbing images from hypothermia.


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