Closer You Get

Theatrical Release: February 25, 2000
Closer You Get


A droll Irish comedy about lovelorn bachelors in a small coastal town who plan to find romance by advertising for American women to come share their lives. The befuddled menfolk suggest in the ad, which is placed in a Miami Beach paper, that the ladies come to the annual village dance where they can meet the solvent men of Donegal and find romance. When no one shows up, the lads suddenly become smitten by the lassies that have been among them all along. But these ladies are not to be taken for granted. They have sought out the attention of Spanish fisherman, who also know their way around a dance floor.

Dove Review

Some positive messages are contained in this gentle film. An inexperienced single man, believing he will wed one of the Americans, visits a madam in order to, well, get experience. He later tells a friend, however, that he didn’t do anything. Realizing he would not be in love with the prostitute, he found it wrong to be there. That’s a pretty strong statement about the sanctity of marriage. The film also showcases a reverence for God and presents a respectful portrait of the local priest (a rarity in films these days). Alas, it does contain some language inappropriate for family viewing. In an age where objectionable language is no longer objectionable, the Bible says “For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.” This is why we cannot condone films that may have some qualities, but at the same time profane the Creator’s name. Matthew 12:34

Content Description

Jesus 1, Christ 1, God sakes 3, God, 1, F-word 1 S-word 4, expletives 7; Fornication 1 implied sexual situation, several sexual conversations; brief shot of a picture of a nude girl; several scenes take place in a pub where it is part of the culture to fellowship in a bar; a couple of scenes show lonely, frustrated men drowning their romantic wows by over-imbibing; Violence – 1 fist fight as a man is punched out, breaking his nose; a man urinates by the side of the road, but it is discreetly filmed.


Company: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Director: Aileen Ritchie
Producer: Uberto Pasolini
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 115 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright