Buddy Boy

Theatrical Release: March 24, 2000
Buddy Boy


Raised a devout Catholic, Francis (Aidan Gillen) lives alone with his abusive mother in a dingy tenement apartment and commutes to a dead-end day job at the local photo shop. Over time, the cruelty of his own life causes Francis to doubt his religious conviction and turn inward, where he silently observes the world around him.
Francis retreats to his back stairs where he discovers that he can see into the apartment of a beautiful, mysterious woman, Gloria (Emmanuelle Seigner). After months of this voyeuristic obsession, Francis has a chance meeting with Gloria and, to his great bewilderment, the two begin an awkward love affair. Unsure of her feelings of devotion, Francis’ self doubt causes him to continue to secretly watch her. He discovers she is not all she purports to be. Nor is the person Francis calls Mother.

Dove Review

Often I am asked, “Phil, how can you put all those images in your mind?” Well, God has given me this job as a ministry, and I attempt to balance my work by spending a great deal of time in prayer, study of God’s word and communing with fellow believers. However, occasionally, I have felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to leave a screening that disturbed me. “Buddy Boy” is such a movie. It was difficult enough dealing with several explicit sexual situations depicting masturbation, gross-out behavior and obscene language. When the lead lost his temper and began violently cursing God, something inside said, “Leave,” and I did. A reviewer has an obligation to sit through a movie in search of some message. But when you are sure God is telling you to get out, you’d better get out. Knowing the film contains the above content, plus lots of profanity, obscenity, drunkenness and bizarre behavior (including a person masquerading as a woman and beating someone to death with her wooden foot), wouldn’t you agree that the film’s final message becomes moot? Up until the moment I left, this picture grieved my spirit. No message is worth that.

Content Description

Sex: Two graphic masturbation scenes; sexual situation; implied fornication; crude sexual comments.
Language: J-3; C-3; F-8; S-2; B-1; A-2; the lead loses his temper and utters a tirade of blasphemies, cursing God repeatedly.
Violence: A man is beaten to death.
Drugs: Woman smokes and drinks throughout, and also becomes drunk; one scene shows adults smoking marijuana.
Nudity: Partial female nudity during a sex scene.
Other: None


Company: Fine Line Features
Writer: Mark Hanlon
Director: Mark Hanlon
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 103 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright