Final Destination

Theatrical Release: March 17, 2000
Final Destination


After a frightening vision of his plane crashing, high school student Alex Browning (Devon Sawa) causes a disturbance, getting himself and a few of his classmates ejected from the grounded jet. At the terminal, they view in horror as the plane explodes shortly after takeoff. The FBI suspects Alex, fellow students think he is a freak, and locals are fearful of him. But when those who escaped the doomed flight start dieing off from freakish occurrences, Alex comes up with a mystical theory that it had been the victims’ time to die. Now death is systematically taking the lives of those who escaped fate’s destination. These deaths are especially frightening because they seem empowered by a force that uses common components, including electricity, fire and water. The thriller then consists of the youngsters trying to avoid an unwelcome providence.

Dove Review

This thought-provoking escapist film is fatally wounded by gory imagery and obscene language, including nearly 50 uses of a particular curse word. The film has nothing to do with God’s plan for our lives, preferring to present an ominous entity that guides our paths without compassion or reason.

Content Description

Language: GD 1, Jesus 2, oh god 3, F-word 46, S-word 13, ass 1, 6 expletives, coarse references to male organ 2 – Sex: some sexuality and kissing, but no bedroom scenes; partial male nudity while two teens sit on toilets, bare breasts of a woman in an adult magazine, 3 crude sexual comments – Drinking 2 times by teens – Violence: a turbulent incident on a plane leads to hundreds of people being killed by an explosion, fire and passengers being sucked out of the pane, a person is stabbed, others are killed by falling trees, decapitation, power lines and a bus crash, a face is burned, bloodied airplane passengers, blood vessels in eyes burst when a person is being strangled, blood splatters on people when a person is struck by a bus, a train smashes into a car.


Company: New Line/Fine Line
Director: James Wong
Producer: Glen Morgan
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 93 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright