Other Conquest

Theatrical Release: April 21, 2000
Other Conquest


When Hernando Cortes and his army arrived in 1519, he was welcomed by Moctezuma, the Emperor of the Aztecs. Soon, Moctezuma was taken prisoner and his country ransacked. Our story picks up in 1526 where Topiltzin, Moctezuma’s son, is presiding over a sacrifice to their goddess. The ceremony is interrupted by the brutal Captain Cristobal Quijano and Father Diego, a priest committed to God, but also determined to wipe out the Aztec religion and replace it with his own. Father Diego becomes obsessed with converting Topiltzin. (Spanish with subtitles.)

Dove Review

Like so many others before, this film attempts to expose or exploit wrongs done in the name of religion. Thus, the unbridled hostility toward the Christian faith. Just like politics or business, the religious world has its citizens who strive for personal power at all costs. Christ teaches us to love God and love our fellow man. Indeed, His life was laid down for all mankind. Throughout the centuries, men and woman – motivated by this sacrifice – have followed that example in order to serve others. So seldom do we see films portray that sacrifice. Where are the films concerning Father Damien, who went to serve lepers until he become one himself? Where’s the Hollywood production concerning Dietrich Bonhoeffer who spoke up for those being persecuted and was executed himself by the Nazis? Many wrongs have been committed in the name of Christ, but those wrongs were done by people who never accepted our Lord’s teachings. To unite mankind, moviemakers have a responsibility to present examples of justice while exposing inequity. Otherwise, they are perpetuating evil by simply shifting the focus of prejudice.

Content Description

Language: bastard 2, expletives 5 – Sex: both female and male partial and rear nudity 3 – one graphic sexual situation, a rape occurs – Violence: several sequences featuring brutality, beatings and mistreatment of the conquered people by the Spanish invaders; many bodies are left after a battle; a man’s head is cut off; a man is whipped, then whipped with a chain; a woman is slapped; a man is brutally tortured; a young woman is sacrificed to a god, then her heart is removed.


Company: Carrasco and Domingo Films
Producer: Alvaro Domingo
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 94 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright