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On Fire

Inspired by true and harrowing events, On Fire tells the story of an ordinary man who finds his world suddenly torn apart as devastating wildfires rip through the surrounding countryside. With precious moments ticking by, he must flee with his son and pregnant wife if they have any hope of surviving the rapid forces of Mother Nature.

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This action-packed and suspenseful story opens with a news report about record-high temperatures and a dozen large fires blazing in six states and Canada. The Laughlin family becomes the focal point of the story with Peter Facinelli (Nurse Jackie) as Dave, along with Fiona Dourif (Tenent) as his wife, Sarah, who is eight months pregnant. Asher Angel (Shazam!) plays their son, Clay, a high school athlete who hopes to land a possible scholarship. The family is obviously close as Clay’s dad, Dave, challenges him to race him to their truck. Dave fakes an injury, only to speed ahead when Clay stops to check on him! They keep a sense of humor handy when they need it. And they will need it.

Dave and Clay arrive home to learn Sarah has received a large medical bill for Dave’s dad, George, played by Lance Henriksen (Aliens). George has serious health issues and Medicare doesn’t cover all the costs of the escalating medical bills. Dave’s elderly father also misses his wife, Dave’s mother, who has passed away. George has been smoking again and doesn’t seem to care that Dave and Sarah are not happy about it. George gets upset when Sarah tells him that he has to use his oxygen, and he calls her a choice name, which doesn’t sit well with Dave. On top of this stressful situation, a wildfire is spreading and getting closer to the Laughlins’ home in the woods.

When they learn of a fire outside of Wicker Canyon, which is close to their home, Clay wonders if the family will need to evacuate. When evacuations are suggested by the news, George is told to pick out his favorite photographs to take with him, but he insists he’s not going anywhere.

The suspense begins to build when Dave, who has gone for supplies in his truck, heads back home and runs into a roadblock and can’t get to his family. His solution? To run through the roadblock to attempt to reach his loved ones. Sarah calls 9-1-1 when smoke begins to overtake her, and finds sympathy from Kayla, the 9-1-1 phone operator, who is dealing with a lot of stress herself, as panicked callers are reaching out to her, one after another. Dave manages to reach his family only to discover that George has been refusing to leave. Sarah finally convinces George to join them in their evacuation when she offers him a pack of cigarettes.

Tragedy strikes and a few characters in the movie lose their lives, including a neighbor of the Laughlins. But hardship and more trials await them as they deal with a family member breaking a leg, and the fires continuing to spread. Their final hope seems to be in reaching a boat in a lake which will enable them to escape the wildfire.

There are several things to think about while viewing this film. The importance of family is a strong theme in the movie. And the family’s belief in life after death. It is also clearly shown that sometimes life presents us with some very difficult challenges, but keeping the faith and moving forward is essential until things finally turn around.

We want to note that there is a lot of use of strong language in the film, but never the Lord’s name taken in vain. Due to the importance of family being stressed in the movie, we are awarding it our 18+ Seal. But families should be aware of the many uses of language.

THE DOVE TAKE: This movie is jam-packed with suspense and remarkable scenes of wildfires, and for those 18 and older, it could be an enjoyable viewing.

Dove Rating Details


The belief in life after death but not much else concerning faith.


The dad and mom look out for their son and the dad’s father; a 9-1-1 operator pushes through the stress to help the overflow of emergency callers; a man tries to help his neighbor who winds up set on fire.


A husband and wife kiss.


A lot of language throughout the film including multiples uses of S, BS, D, H, A**, O/G, OMG, B*tch, a young man says, “F*** you, storm!”


A lot of violent scenes including a woman on fire, truck crashing, trees falling from violent fires, a few characters die, as a result of the wildfires.


A few cases of beer drinking; a man smokes; a pack of cigarettes is seen.




Tension between characters; death and grief.

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