Favorite Son

Theatrical Release: May 22, 2000
DVD Release: July 20, 2009
Favorite Son


Lance Champion is America’s favorite son, starring in television’s most popular sitcom. When he returns to his hometown, he is welcomed by everyone but his older brother, Lucas. Behind Lance’s effortless smile and charmed life lies a bed of dark secrets.

Why did Lance return to Cypress Springs? And who is Kansas, the beautiful young seductress he brought with him? And then there’s Annie, Lucas’s young wife, who discovers the truth about Lance. Why would she risk her marriage to help him?

Dove Review

This twist on the prodigal son story presents two brothers who have always been at odds with one another. As we discover that Lance has lost his TV show due to drug use, the problems between the two brothers come to a head and are finally addressed. Although the film contains material unsuitable for little children, including some sensuality and language, it is full of positive statements for teens and adults. Forgiveness takes place in a church and the film is about the importance of family relationships. With a well-conceived plot, the film holds your attention throughout. I found both the script and performances to be compelling and spiritually rewarding.

Content Description

Sex: 3 sexual situations, but no nudity.
Language: S-5; A-3; OMG-3; expletives-2.
Violence: Fist fight in a bar; a man threatens another with a gun; a fight between brothers.
Drugs: Adult male lead smokes; adults drink beer 5, whiskey 1; the brothers gets drunk in a bar; the wayward brother and his girlfriend use drugs twice, but it does not glamorize the acts; we see a drug sale.
Nudity: Woman dresses provocatively.
Other: None


Company: Koan
Writer: Steven Esteb
Director: Steven Esteb
Producer: Louis Herthum
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 95 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin Carpenter