Mission Impossible 2

Theatrical Release: May 24, 2000
Mission Impossible 2


With computer genius Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames) at his side and a beautiful thief (Thandie Newton) on his mind, special agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) races across Australia and Spain on what seems like an impossible task: to stop a villain before he can fulfill his own destructive mission of spreading a worldwide lethal synthetic virus.

Dove Review

Aided by James Bond-styled action and stunts, beautiful locations, and a breathtaking leading lady, this is an exciting adventure. It is a typical action-packed summer movie where the good guys best the villains. Surprisingly lacking in objectionable material, however, we could not quite approve “MI: 2”. There is an implied sexual situation where Cruise awakens next to the female lead, suggesting they have spent the night together. Although the lanugage is rather mild for a PG-13 action flick, the sheer volume is a turn-off. Then, there’s lots of good-vs.-evil carnage. You might want to pass on this “Mission” and try our Video Alternative instead: “For Whom the Bell Tolls.”

Content Description

Language: S-word 2, bastard 2, bitch 3, ass 2, expletives 6 – sex: one sexual situation, no nudity, one scene features sexual innuendo and another has a suggestive sexual situation – Violence: the main villain breaks a man’s neck, then uses a cigar cutter to cut off the tip of his minion’s finger; loud explosions, beatings, gunfights and tense action, including two realistic situations where a man and a woman are hanging from cliffs; several people, mostly bad guys, are killed, but there’s not much blood or many gruesome displays


Company: Paramount
Writer: Robert Towne
Director: John Woo
Genre: Action
Runtime: 126 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright