Network Premier: June 18, 2000


“Deadlocked premieres 6/18/00, at 8:00 PM (ET’PT) on TNT. In a seemingly open-and-shut case, Demond Doyle (Jo D. Jonz) is convicted of raping and murdering his wealthy employer’s wife. Throughout the trial, Demond refuses to take the stand in his own defense. Desperate to prove his son’s innocence, Jacob Doyle (Charles S. Dutton) takes the jury hostage with one demand: Ned Stark (David Caruso), the prosecutor who convicted his son, must find the evidence to clear him of the crime – in just 24 hours.

Dove Review

Well acted and engrossing, “Deadlocked” raises an important issue – the justice system’s lack of equality for poorer defendants. With so many wealthy defendants escaping justice due to high-priced lawyers, while the poor are unable to rightly defend themselves because of unqualified and inexperienced court-appointed attorneys, maybe films such as this will help society take a qualified look at the inequities of the judicial system. Unfortunately, we are unable to recommend it due to the one misuse of Christ’s name. That may seem like a misdemeanor, but isn’t it bad enough that God’s name and that of His Son’s are irreverenced in nearly every theatrical release? Will we now accept it on a cable channel simply becaues it airs so much family entertainment?

Content Description

Language: Christ sakes 1, oh my God 4, SOB 2, ass 3, expletive 1 – Sex: adultery takes place with the couple seen in bed; we see her bare back – Drinking: once between the lead and a friend as they sit, contemplating what course of action to take – Violence: a dead body is found; later we see her murdered; a man takes a jury hostage at gunpoint; a man is stabbed; 2 men are killed; several gun shots as the SWAT team storms into the courtroom.


Company: Turner Network Television
Writer: David Rosenfelt and Erik Jendresen
Director: Michael Watkins
Producer: Jacobus Rose
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 120 min.
Industry Rating: TV-14
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright