Big Mommas House

Theatrical Release: June 2, 2000
Big Mommas House


Convicted criminal Lester (Terrance Howard) has escaped from prison, and the FBI thinks the way to find him is to get to his former girlfriend Sherry (Nia Long). Agents Malcolm (Martin Lawrence) and John (Paul Giamatti) are sent to stake out Sherry’s grandmother’s house in Georgia. Her grandmother is known to everyone as Big Momma, and Big Momma takes off for a two-week trip just as Sherry shows up with her son. With the help of lots of make-up and lots and lots of padding, Malcolm poses as Big Momma in order to find Lester.

Dove Review

This is one funny movie as the new Big Momma proves she “got game” by beating a bunch of boys at basketball, teaching the local karate instructor moves he didn’t even know, and finally catching the escaped convict. Martin Lawrence does a great job in this Nutty Professor-like role. Alas, the dialogue is peppered with objectionable words and one misuse of Jesus’ name. There is also one scene filled with sexual innuendo.

Content Description

Sex: Malcom makes some references to how great Sherry's behind is; reference to Malcom getting aroused under the covers as Sherry lies down next to who she thinks is her grandmother.
Language: J-1; S-16; A-12; D-18; H-13.
Violence: Lots of guns (the FBI has them and so does Lester); a few fist and kicking fights; martial arts class; person shown killed on TV news program.
Drugs: Bad guy Lester smokes once; thug who sells Lester a gun tries to sell him drugs, but he doesn't buy any.
Nudity: Big Momma's rear end is shown as she gets in the shower.
Other: None


Company: 20th Century Fox
Writer: Darrly Quarles and Don Rhymer
Director: Raja Gosnell
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 100 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright