Cecil B. Demented

Theatrical Release: August 11, 2000
Cecil B. Demented


This satirical comedy goes behind the scenes with a group of obsessed cinema terrorists whose goal in life is to avenge the crass sins of commercial movie culture through acts of brazen filmmaking and vigilante outlaw cinema retribution.
As the movie begins, the title character (Stephen Dorff) and his “Sprocket Holes” gang kidnap Honey Whitlock (Melanie Griffith), a beloved Hollywood movie star. Once Whitlock is their prisoner, DeMented and his demented crew force Honey to star in their latest underground movie. The guerilla production team then wreaks havoc on the local film scene, especially the high-security set of a major big-budget sequel.

Dove Review

There was a time when John Waters was a lone wolf with his satirical and offensive scripts that skewered middle-class values. But today, he is just one of many filmmakers trying to out-crass and out-skewer one another. What made him a cult figure was his ability to shock the audience. In his “Pink Flamingos,” he showed a person eating dog excrement. But Waters ceases to shock with his nauseating look at life. Like so many other comic filmmakers of today, his pictures merely attract those who crave humor from bodily functions.

Content Description

Language: GD 4, Oh God 2, Jesus 1, Christ 1, F-word over 70, S-word 20, SOB 3, ass 10, expletives 6 - Crudity: crude sexual references and slang terminology concerning body parts and functions Sex: Woman are scantily clad; many, many sexual references; several sexual acts and situations; discussion about gay lifestyle; we see people simulating masturbation; partial female nudity, with nearly bare bottom; Drinking and Drugs: drinks are drunk, pot is smoked; a man breathes fumes from a bag containing glue; discussion of drug use including acid, cocaine and Ecstasy; a man smells gasoline fumes – Violence: While a woman is being kidnapped, guns are fired, explosions are heard, people are punched and kicked; a woman dies of a heart attack during the kidnapping; much of the rest of the violence is played for laughs, but it consists of slaps, zaps and Jujitsu chops; guns fired at police, with several cops getting wounded; a man uses a staple gun on another man’s neck; a man carves letters into his forehead; a man in a wheelchair is set on fire and rolled off a building; another person falls off a roof; several people are shot, and some die.


Company: Artisan Entertainment
Writer: John Waters
Director: John Waters
Producer: John Waters
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 88 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright