Saving Grace

Theatrical Release: August 18, 2000
Saving Grace


Grace Travelthan (Brenda Blethyn), a recent widow living in a small English coastal hamlet, discovers that her late husband had spent all their money trying to get a business going and has left her in debt. While members of the community would like to help her, the creditors are many and they are barking at the front door.
As losing her home seems imminent, Grace springs an idea, along with her friend and gardener, to raise marijuana in her greenhouse. Blessed with a green thumb, Grace raises a huge crop. Her neighbors look the other way and she goes off to London to find a dealer to buy her drug harvest. Comic complications ensue.

Dove Review

The twice-nominated Brenda Blethyn gives a humorous and dignified performance, but we are unable to recommend it for family viewing due to the objectionable content, which includes the misuse of Christ’s name, sexual conversations and situations, and the use of and attempt to profit from an illegal substance.

Content Description

Language: Christ 1, Jesus 2, God or Oh my God 4, F-word 15, S-word 4, expletives 4 – Crudity: a man flatulates - Sex: a woman becomes friends with the lady with whom her late husband was having an affair; an unwed couple live together, she gets pregnant; one implied sexual situation; a few sexual conversations; we see an elderly man from behind and from the side, sans clothing; Drinking: drinking throughout, including a priest – Drugs: a woman grows pot; she and a man smoke a joint; she gives samples of what she has grown to strangers; she looks for a drug dealer to sell her home-grown marijuana; a dealer smokes some of her dope; two old ladies unwittingly use the marijuana leaves in their tea and become high, acting silly – Smoking: several characters smoke cigarettes – Violence: hoods hold a knife on a man and woman; Grace slaps a man.


Company: Fine Line Features
Director: Nigel Cole
Producer: Mark Crowdy
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 93 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright