Theatrical Release: September 1, 2000


Former college buddies meet every Sunday to discuss their sexual conquests during the past week. But at one such meeting, they each begin describing a woman they have actually fallen in love with. The object of their desires turns out to be the same woman. What they do not realize is that she is determined to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Dove Review

For the past few years I’ve been complaining about the excessive obscenity, the crudity and the mean-spiritedness that just keeps multiplying in each new comedy. But lest you think it’s just me being overly pious, listen to what Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times said of this recent satire of the battle of the sexes: “Their talk could scarcely be more crass, reveling in the grosser aspects of sex and bodily functions…What does this leave us with? A screenful of thoroughly obnoxious individuals – played quite persuasively, at that – who are preoccupied with sexual gratification on its most selfish level or as a satisfying form of revenge…” Now, if a writer for a secular newspaper makes such a statement about the coarseness of a film, how do you think you would react to it when incorporating your spiritual insight?

Content Description

Language: Jesus, Christ or Christ’s sakes 5, Oh God 8, F-word over one hundred, S-word 68, ass or assh--- 25, expletives 12, most of the other dialogue is made-up slang terms for genitalia and the sex act – Drinking: several times the male cast members drink beer; wine is drunk – Smoking: one main character smokes several times, as do several minor characters - Sex: nude couple seen from waist up; implied sexual situations where we hear sounds; implied oral sex; the entire script is peppered with crude sexual conversations and terminology from both men and women; a woman is scantily dressed in a fantasy sequence; lesbians dance in a bar; porno magazines with bare-breasted women are seen in one shot; discussions indicate that casual sex is had by all the characters, men and women, and often; violence: comic confrontations between the guys over the girl they each love


Company: Destination Films
Director: Peter M. Cohen
Producer: Peter M. Cohen
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 83 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright