Songs In Ordinary Time

Network Premier: October 22, 2000
Songs In Ordinary Time


A mysterious stranger who may or may not be a con man ingratiates himself into the life of a recently divorced woman and her young son. But the older two children are suspicious that he is out to get their mother’s money, and that he may have committed murder. “Songs In Ordinary Time” airs on CBS, Sunday, 10/22/00 (9-11 PM, ET/PT).

Dove Review

Spacek and Bridges shine, but the film has a dark, often depressing feel. The ex-husband is an alcoholic, the 1959 New England community is contemptuous of a divorced woman, church members are shown as unloving, and there is much strife in the home due to the father’s drinking and a shortage of money. Also, a priest has an affair with the underage daughter. One positive is the way the family comes through for one another. Their love for each other is strong. And while the Spacek character has had her struggles with the church, she is seen at the end, renewing her faith. But due to two implied sex scenes and the liaison between a Catholic priest and a young girl, I cannot recommend this production for family viewing.

Content Description

Language: SOB 1, Bastard 4, Oh my God 1. expletives 9 – Sex: it is implied that the lead couple have sex outside marriage; an implied sexual relationship between a teenage girl and a priest – Smoking and drinking: the teen boy smokes and drinks on one occasion – Violence: a boy finds a dead body with a knife in his chest; a knife is pulled on members of the family; the two boys are threatened by a psychopath; another body is found dead at his desk.


Company: CBS
Writer: Malcolm Macrury
Director: Rod Holcomb
Genre: Suspense
Runtime: 120 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright