Lost Souls

Theatrical Release: October 13, 2000
Lost Souls


Maya Larkin (Winona Ryder), recently recovered of demonic possession, deciphers a hidden code that announces that the Devil intends to take possession of a man in order to walk the Earth in human form. Once she makes this discovery, she must then convince Peter Kelson (Ben Chaplin), the author of a book about mass murderers, that Satan plans to take over his soul on his 33rd birthday and make him the Antichrist.

Dove Review

This isn’t your Bible’s rendition of end-times activity. It’s a concocted mess that even makes up scriptural passages. In one scene, the evil spirit breaks a crucifix, implying that Christ has no power over him. Putting the scriptural inconsistencies aside, the filmmaking qualities are just as ludicrous. Some dialogue even received unintended giggles. The film’s star has stated that her father was an atheist and all this information about God, the devil, and demonic possession was a mystery to her. It is sad that many young Winona Ryder fans will get a lesson about biblical matters from a person who, according to her, has no understanding of them and believes that the devil is a myth.

Content Description

Language: Jesus 2, “oh God” 2, F-word 2, expletives 2 – Sex: possessed man rubs his crotch; a couple of brief sexual conversations – Drinking: drinks served at a meal and at a party; the male lead has a beer on one occasion and a drink at another – Smoking: Ms. Ryder smokes several times throughout, as she does in many of her movies; the male lead and two other characters smoke – Violence: in a dream state a woman is threatened with a knife; during a struggle, a gun discharges; a woman is chased and cut by a knife-wielding man; a man is hit by a chair; a man’s neck is broken in an altercation; when a woman is threatened, the male lead shoots him and several other devil worshipers; some other gun play with at least three others killed; a car chase; we learn of a suicide; a possessed priest chokes Maya; flashbacks of Maya’s exorcism, with her body contorting and writhing; a vision shows a demonic child repeating “Jesus is dead” over and over; a statue of Christ breaks and moves about; scary scenes as the couple investigate a darkly lit house


Company: New Line/Fine Line
Director: Janusz Kaminski
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 102 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright