Crossfire Trail

Theatrical Release: January 26, 2001
DVD Release: July 10, 2001
Crossfire Trail


Rafe Covington (Selleck) is a restless wanderer who must uphold his promise to a dying friend that he will look after his widow (Madsen) and his ranch. His vow takes him and his two traveling companions to a small town in Wyoming terrorized by a conniving land owner (Harmon) and his hired gun (Johnson). This Louis L’amour based movie aired on TNT, Friday, 1/26/01 at 8:00 pm (ET/PT).

Dove Review

This well-executed traditional western has beautiful cinematography and a nice performance from Selleck (he was born to star in westerns). This should be fun viewing for those looking for entertainment where the good guys are men of character, and good triumphs over evil. Although Selleck’s character is a man accustomed to using his gun, he is also a man who shows respect for God. In one scene we see him praying in a church. Do be aware, there are several violent scenes, including killings at close range and a woman being molested by an unwanted suitor, but justice is served; and unlike “High Noon,” where the townsfolk were cowards, here they pull together to fight the outlaws.

Content Description

Sex: Villain attempts to rape his unwilling bride, but he knocks her unconscious and leaves the room
Language: SOB-1; B-2; expletives 2
Violence: A man dies in the opening scenes; a brutal fist fight; two men are killed in a gun battle; two men are shot in cold blood; the villain strikes a woman twice; several bad guys are killed in a climatic gun battle.
Drugs: Lead takes a drink in one scene and smokes a cigarette in another.
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Turner Network Television
Director: Simon Wincer
Genre: Western
Runtime: 120 min.
Industry Rating: TV-14
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright