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Approved for All Ages

Faith Heist: A Christmas Caper

Reverend Benjamin Wright and members of his church group band together at the local mall to host a Christmas experience for the community. The main attraction is a million-dollar bejeweled star meant to help bring in the crowds and raise money for The Children’s Hospital. But when Benjamin and the group come face to face with robbers intent on stealing the precious piece, they must evade capture and stop the robbers if they want to save themselves and Christmas. Think HOME ALONE meets DIE HARD in a mall.

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Dove Review

**This review is contributed by Super Channel—a channel dedicated to providing integrity and accountability in today’s entertainment.

The sequel to the comedy/drama FAITH HEIST, Canadian Screen Awards Best TV Movie winner, is a delightful comedic continuation of the devotion Reverend Benjamin Wright (Jonathan Langdon) and his congregation have to their church and to raising money for the local children’s hospital.  Reverend Benjamin is the serious spiritual advisor to his church members through thick and thin and you will have lots of laughs watching this Christmas Caper that’s Dove approved for all ages.

Another pregnancy test, but it’s false.  Reverend Benjamin’s lovely wife, Vanessa (Sagine Semajuste), is disappointed yet again. Unbeknownst to Vanessa, the Reverend is relieved for very personal reasons… But time to get to the Mall where the generous manager, Marge (Nadine Whiteman Roden), has allowed Reverend Benjamin to play Santa and raise money for the Children’s Hospital.

But there is a conman in the midst… wait… more than one!  And they are plotting to steal the $1M bejeweled Christmas star that is attracting people to the hospital fundraiser.  As the trusted security guard, Chilly (Dylan Taylor), and the conman, Partridge (Ray Galletti) collaborate to steal the star, Reverend Benjamin and his friends come face to face with a gun!  If they are to prevent the theft and save themselves, they must stay strong and united. A series of comedic events and tactics executed by the Reverend and his motley crew will make this one of your favorite movies!

The Dove Take: “Fear is the cage you can get trapped in and love is the key”.  As Reverend Benjamin and his church members team up to prevent a crime, the love of church, community, and Christmas, is the driving force that propels them through the fear.


Dove Rating Details


Reverend Benjamin Wright clearly states he is a man of God;  his congregation is accepting and trusting of the Reverend’s teachings and devotion to the church


The Reverend has superior morals and principles and is highly respected as a church and community leader; congregation members are devoted and support each other unconditionally with unequivocal trust; Benjamin conquers his fears of becoming a father as well as becoming a father figure to Nas.


Loving kisses between husband and wife; gentle kisses and hugs between a teenaged couple;




Scenes displaying handguns by bungling unsophisticated robbers while keeping in mind this is a comedy






Wife says “practice makes perfect” in trying to conceive; crooks say anyone trying to stop them will get “smoked, like a holiday ham”;  robbers chase Reverend and his church members throughout the darkened Mall with handguns, however, no guns are ever discharged; verbal threats from robbers; robbers are attacked in a series of comedic scenes (tactics as in the movie, HOME ALONE).

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