Theatrical Release: March 19, 2001
DVD Release: November 27, 2001


Eleven-year old Matt Tyler (Michael Angarano) should be the happiest kid in the world. He lives in a nice house, has great friends, and his dad (Kevin Kilner) owns a toy company! But there’s just one problem – Matt’s dad is never around. You see, it takes a lot of time to run a company, and that leaves Matt’s dad with no time for his kids. After his father cancels plans for their camping trip, Matt realizes the only way he’ll ever be able to spend time with his dad is if he were his father’s boss. But that could never happen…or could it?

Inspired by a school project, Matt and his friend Danny (Kevin Jamal Woods) decide to start their own company, Their product is a revolutionary microchip that will change the world! No matter that his computer nerd sister Kelly hasn’t perfected the chip yet. Matt starts his own website to attract investors, believing kids from all over the world will want a piece of And he’s right! Soon, Matt has enough money to buy a controlling interest in Tyler Toys!

Crushed, David Tyler tells his family that an anonymous buyer has taken control of the company. Little does he know that his son is actually his new boss! Disguising himself as an eccentric millionaire, Mr. Chips, and communicating only via the internet, Matt gives his employees new orders; No ties in the office! Friday is pizza day! No one is to work past 5:00! Everyone is to have fun!

As for David Tyler, Mr. Chips has special orders for him – take a week’s vacation. Lost without work, David doesn’t know what to do with his time off. But suddenly, he realizes what he’s been missing the past few years – his kids. Thanks to Mr. Chips, the Tylers are soon having the time of their lives – getting in water fights, going to baseball games, and finally taking that camping trip!

Yet, not everything is so great at Tyler Toys. The company’s old-fashioned product line isn’t selling as well as it used to and Tyler Toys is swimming in debt; a debt that must be paid back before a double-crossing corporate raider, Ivan Lucre (Dom DeLuise), steals control of Tyler Toys!

Faced with the possibility of losing the company, Matt admits to his dad that he is actually Mr. Chips! Shocked, David thinks the company is lost. But he doesn’t count on the smarts of his kids! With Lucre closing in, Matt and Kelly hatch a plan to save their father’s company. Their million-dollar idea, a new line of “smart toys” based on the chip! But with only a few days left to finish the chip and pay off Lucre, it’s going to take all of their brainpower to save Tyler Toys!

Dove Review

The son of a toy company president decides to create his own line of super-smart toys so that he can take over his dad’s company and make him spend more time with him. This is a fun comedy fit for the entire family. Very creatively done.

Content Description


Company: Monarch Home Entertainment
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 99 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Dom Deluise
Reviewer: Dave Lukens