Say It Isnt So

Theatrical Release: March 23, 2001
Say It Isnt So


A young bachelor finds the love of his life but mistakenly believes her to be his sister.

Dove Review

I don’t know exactly where to begin describing this sub-sophomoric piece of wasted celluloid. The story is about a boy named Gilly (Chris Klein) and a girl named Jo (Heather Graham) who fall in love and “do it” only to discover later that they are siblings. But, wait! They are not really related after all, for the real long lost brother shows up and claims his rightful place in the family. But too late, Jo has already moved to Washington State to forget her thought-to-be brother/lover. There, she falls in love with the town millionaire playboy who makes his money by growing acres of marijuana. Jo’s mother (Sally Field – how did she get talked into this role?) doesn’t want her daughter and Gilly to reunite, or she will lose the potential inheritance from her rich fiancĂ©e…. Oh, who cares?… My advice – if you have nothing to do on a cold, lonely evening, and want to gamble away some time and money, go down to your local wishing well and throw in ten bucks, because “Say It Isn’t So” is a sure loser.

Content Description

Language: F-word 3; obscenities abound. Violence: Jo cuts off Gilly's ear while giving him a haircut. Car chases, explosions, truck runs over amputee's artificial legs, woman has heart attack. Nudity: female frontal nudity. Sexual content: Endless references to sexual acts and body parts. Man inserts his fist in cow's behind.


Company: 20th Century Fox
Director: James B. Rogers
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 96 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Dick Rolfe