Legally Blonde

Theatrical Release: July 13, 2001
Legally Blonde


Blonde and beautiful Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) from Bel Air, is an honor student with a list of impressive credentials that include being president of her sorority, a runner-up for Miss Hawaiian Tropic and the future wife of Warner (Matthew Davis) who is leaving for Harvard to be a lawyer. On the evening Elle expects a dinner and proposal, Warner who tells her she’s too blonde and not serious enough for his political career instead dumps her. After she overcomes her depression she decides to win Warner back. She applies to Harvard and in the process, proves to herself and everyone else involved that blondes definitely have more fun being who they really are.

Dove Review

THE GOOD: … This hilarious chick flick is one the guys will enjoy too because it delivers clever dialogue, funny parodies about the wealthy verses the intellectual, a modern day song and dance number (“bend and snap”) set in a beauty salon called an amazing soundtrack, an incredible wardrobe, and ends up being sort of a “Clueless” grows up and goes to college. Witherspoon is perfect as the unstoppable and ever optimistic character that ends up influencing and changing the lives of people who cross her path. The story doesn’t take itself too seriously but still manages to bring an ethical element (truth and intelligence winning out over preconceived opinions and judgment about someone) that validates the end result with a fresh and unique approach. I enjoyed this ‘girl power” movie more than I thought I would because it’s such a fun and unique approach that doesn’t take itself too seriously. THE NOT-SO-GOOD: … The only thing that ruins this movie being for younger audiences is the crude and foul language mixed with adult themes (sexual jokes and innuendoes, murder, marital betrayal, a gay lover) there’s too much adult stuff thrown in to call it kid-friendly so “Clueless” it’s not.

Content Description

Offensive language: Milder, crude language is used all through the movie by other characters but the rudest is Coolidge as Elle's trailer trash talking manicurist. Sexual situations: Lots of sexual innuendoes and some conversation about it but no sexual situations take place.Violence: None


Company: MGM/UA
Writer: Amanda Brown Karen McCullah Lutz
Director: Robert Luketic
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 96 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Holly McClure