Corky Romano

Theatrical Release: October 12, 2001
Corky Romano


Saturday Night Live comic Chris Kattan stars as Corky in this humorous mob movie as the ‘white sheep’ of ‘Pops’ Romano’s (Peter Falk) crime family. When Pops is indicted by the FBI, he calls upon naive Corky, an assistant veterinarian, to steal the evidence from the FBI. But Corky has trouble working under pressure, will infiltrating the FBI make him crack completely? Thanks to an over-eager false resume, the agency thinks Corky is a super-agent and assigns him to a special task force after a killer. As Corky stumbles through the investigations, which keep distracting him from stealing evidence, his unorthadox methods appear to work. When he finally gets the evidence, he’s shocked to learn the accusations against his father. But Corky surprises the FBI, his family and even himself as he uncovers some shocking secrets. Those looking for a humorous escape at the movies may find it in CORKY ROMANO.

Dove Review

One continuing theme promotes one of Corky’s brothers coming to grips with homosexual tendencies, while two male FBI agents also seem to be more than work partners. Some fun is also had with Corky’s other brother being illiterate. Laughs are also drawn from drug abuse when Corky and a dog react to being dusted with cocaine from a broken bag. Along with suggestive comments, the dialogue is filled with vulgar language, including numerous obscenities and strong profanities. Although it tries to have a good heart, CORKY ROMANO has a mob of problems.

Content Description


Company: Touchstone Pictures
Genre: Action
Runtime: 86 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Paul Bicking - Movie Morality Ministries