Snow Dogs

Theatrical Release: January 18, 2002
DVD Release: May 14, 2002
Snow Dogs


In this slapstick comedy from Disney, popular film star Cuba Gooding Jr. plays Ted Brooks, a prosperous dentist in Miami who inherits his mother’s estate in Alaska. His meager inheritance includes a team of eight very fine sled dogs. Ted embarks on a hilarious series of mishaps to learn about dog sledding and, to prove himself, enters the annual cross-country Arctic Challenge Dog Sled race. Jam-packed with action and all sorts of slapstick comedy involving Ted, the sled dogs and the town’s characters, “Snow Dogs” is bound to have broad appeal.

Dove Review

Cuba Gooding Jr. is appealing in these types of family films, and considering he is an Academy Award winning actor, and could pick from a variety of roles, it is nice to see him making family films such as this one and “Radio.” In this film, he plays Ted Brooks, a popular dentist who learns he is adopted after his real mother dies in Alaska. His life changes dramatically when he visits Alaska and this includes some humor with his mother’s sled dogs, who range in personality from friendly and funny to one named Demon who is downright mean!

Overall the film is wholesome but it does include a character punching another character in the face, as well as a few beach scenes with women wearing bikinis. The film also includes some humor such as a few of the sled dogs winking at each other before they take a man on a ride he won’t soon forget! The film does have a happy ending as well. We recommend this film, due to a few mature themes, for ages twelve and above.

Content Description

Sex: Kissing; a sexual innuendo about Alaska women; the discussion of a one-night stand which led to a baby's birth.
Language: None
Violence: A character punches another character in the face; dogs attack man but only rip his coat; a dog chases a man into a tree; a girl kicks an obnoxious man; a character falls off a snow bank; a near fatal accident when the sled goes partly over a snow bank; a character bites a dog's ear to get it to obey; Gatorade is poured onto the head of a winning sledder but it is frozen and so a block of ice knocks the man down; a character shoots at ceiling to get everyone's attention; a woman throws a knife at a target above a man's head.
Drugs: Bar scene and a few scenes with beer and liquor.
Nudity: Bare midriffs; bikinis and cleavage; bare chested men and men in shorts.
Other: A dog urinates on a tree and it is shown; a dog burps; a character spits up bad coffee; a skunk sprays inside a car.


Company: Disney
Writer: Jim Kouf and Gary Paulsen
Director: Brian Levant
Producer: Jordan Kerner
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 99 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter