Minority Report

Theatrical Release: June 21, 2002
Minority Report


In this futuristic action-thriller directed by Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise is John Anderton, chief of a special police force in Washington D.C. that stops crimes before they happen. Lamar Burgess (Max Von Sydow) founded the department, based on the psychic abilities of three genetically-gifted people, known as Pre-Cogs, with the ability to “see” a murder before it happens. Because violent crime has been reduced 90 percent, by arresting criminals for acts not yet carried out, the Justice Department sends Danny Witwer (Colin Ferrell) to evaluate the six-year old program. The system has never been wrong. But when the trio predicts Chief Anderton will murder a man he’s never met, John must prove the system is flawed, before Danny arrests and imprisons him. Agatha (Samatha Morton), the most gifted of the three dreamers, helps John uncover the truth about his future crime. Filled with visually exciting images of the near future and challenging twists in the story, MINORITY REPORT will keep audiences guessing.

Dove Review

While the action includes some scenes of violent crimes, such as stabbings, a drowning and shootings, the more gruesome scenes involve a medical procedure. In this future, eyeball scans throughout the city identify all citizens, both for security reasons as well as interactive advertising that calls the passer’s name. Therefore, black market doctors transplant eyeballs, giving the buyer a new identity. Along with eyeballs in a baggie and eyeless sockets on a man’s face, discerning viewers are assaulted numerous times with crude and vulgar terms. Despite the engrossing mystery, MINORITY REPORT doesn’t get a majority vote.

Content Description


Company: 20th Century Fox
Genre: Science-Fiction
Runtime: 140 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Movie Morality Ministries - Paul Bicking