Reign of Fire

Theatrical Release: July 12, 2002
Reign of Fire


Set in London of the near future, this science-fiction fantasy blends medieval legends of fire-breathing dragons with modern weapons of war. As a child, Quinn saw the first dragon re-awaken in a cave underneath London. Burning the earth to feed on the ashes of organic matter, the dragons quickly return England and the world to an almost medieval state. Quinn (Christian Bale) now leads a small community living an almost stone-age existence in a castle on the English countryside. American Van Zan (Matthew McConaughey), who arrives with a troop of tanks, a tale of killing the beasts and a plan to end the dragon rule. Alex (Izabella Scorupa) is the daring helicopter pilot for Van Zan, who helps bait the flying beasts. But when a dragon scorches Van Zan’s brigade and threatens to destroy his community, Quinn must face his past and battle the dragon king. Tense action highlights this sparse storyline, but the computer-generated dragons will generate some interest.

Dove Review

Touches of topical humor, such as Quinn acting out the Star Wars story for community children, mix with moments of religious allegory as the children recite lessons in dragon survival like a memorized prayer. Alex refers to the skydiving team that tries to net flying dragons, as Archangels. And numerous crude expletives along with some strong profanity, mostly used by Van Zan, color the dialogue. But, while a fist fight gets briefly brutal, most of the violence is limited to killing the flame-spewing dragons. However, several tense scenes may upset children under ten and strong profanity drags down the REIGN OF FIRE.

Content Description


Company: Touchstone Pictures
Genre: Action
Runtime: 100 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Movie Morality Ministries - Paul Bicking