Theatrical Release: October 4, 2002
DVD Release: October 4, 2002


This video is a part of the “Way Cool Science Series,” a Thinkeroo Science Video. Currently there are three videos in this series, “Storm Chasers,” “Rockfinders” and “Biotrackers.” In “Rockfinders” kids are asked what rocks are and how they are formed. These are just some of the questions that science enthusiast Max Orbit (Todd Allen Crane) explores in this fun-filled, activity packed program. “Rockfinders” introduces elementary-age students to the fascinating world of rocks, minerals and fossils. Incredible film footage, colorful graphics and clever animation help kids gain a basic knowledge of the properties of rocks and how they are formed. The effects of weathering and erosion are also demonstrated.

Dove Review

Kids that are interested in rocks and minerals will like this well done educational video on rocks, which shows what they are and how they are formed. There is a lot of cool information for young elementary age kids to absorb. Max Orbit (Todd Alan Crane) takes kids on a scientific journey of the many rocks the world offers and how they are formed over thousands of years. Kids will learn that there are 3,000 different minerals on earth, that there are three types of rock, and also cool info on what fossils are and how they are made.

Max is upbeat and quirky so that many kids will find him entertaining. The film footage of rocks and the environments they are found in is fantastic and will really hold the attention of elementary age kids. Some of the goals of the “Way Cool Science Video Series” are to make science more relevant in a kid’s everyday life. Motivate young, aspiring science-enthusiasts. Enhance elementary science lessons by bringing the outside world into the classroom. These videos are based on National Science Education Standards.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
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Company: Mazzarella Bros. Productions,
Director: Mark Mazzarella
Genre: Children
Runtime: 30 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Todd Alan Crane
Reviewer: Dave Lukens